Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser: The First Rule of Voyeurism

Welcome to The Crypt once again .As is normal for a Tuesday I am pleased to be able to bring you my Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser and I hope that you get tantalized, teased, titillated and maybe even turned on as well ;)

The First Rule of Voyeurism: 
Don't Get Caught

 Lying naked with my hands tied to the frame of the bed, my cock looking pathetic as it softened rapidly, I glanced at the women staring down at me, the same women I had fantasized about since arriving at the hotel and wished that I had taken the extra second it would have took to lock the door.
Each day, as they sunbathed topless, I had watched and pleasured myself as I imagined my hands gliding over their tanned, naked bodies.
“Make sure he can't get his hands free,” one of the women said to a blonde tying the last of the restraints.
“Oh don't worry there's no way he will get out of these, until we want him to,” the blonde replied.
“What the fuc..?”
“Seeing as you like to watch we thought we'd make it worth your while,” the blonde interrupted. “Of course if you cum before we say you can we walk out, leave you where you are and inform the maids about the naked, horny as fuck, man tied to his bed,”
The four of them then stripped and began making out with each other as I lay helpless, harder than I had ever been and desperately trying not to cum.


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Naomi said...

Oooh Julez, what a story! For the sake of a few seconds he is under the women's control. Or maybe subconsciously he wanted to be. Very hot teaser, love it!

Paloma Beck said...

poor man with those teasing women!?

gemma parkes said...

Sexy, come uppance teaser Julez! Wonder if he'll manage it!

pablo michaels said...

I loved how they tied him to the bed naked and finally the twist of them making out with him drooling. Excellent Tease.

The AfterDark World with Ray Sostre said...

ROFLMAO, OMG! That was TORTURE! Straight up torture Julez. All I can say is "dick don't fail you now"

Nice teaser!