Friday, 23 November 2012

Flash Fiction Friday: The Consequences of trespassing

Welcome Creatures of the Night to yet another Flash Fiction Friday. Along with a number of other talented authors each week we are given one picture and challenged to write not more than 100 words for your enjoyment.

I hope you like what I came up with from this week's picture.

The Consequences of Trespassing

Being homeless, in the middle of winter, was the worst thing that had ever happened to me. With each day it became colder and my search for a safe haven, out of the elements, became a desperate fight for survival.
As I crept through the cemetery, using gravestones to shield myself from the driving rain, I saw the door to the old crypt hanging from it's hinges. Relief replaced despair and I ran forward.
How was I to have known that I would have been safer staying outside, away from the female vampire that had also made the crypt her home.


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Thank You


Naomi said...

Spooky flasher. You read the picture well- I could imagine through your words the way she crept up on her prey. Loved it.

S. J. Maylee said...

Poor guy, hope he gets some pleasure from her bite :) Loved the pacing in this flash. I was there with him in the cemetery, hoping he'd find a safe haven, but he he got a creeptastic surprise. Fab flash.

gemma parkes said...

Great post Julez, beautifully written. The poor guy, l almost felt sorry for him, but then she is quite hot!

Rolling Muse in The Roses said...

Damn poor guy. I only hope she was hot and sexy, and let him live. Maybe entering the crypt was a blessing or was it a curse? I'd love to know what may happen to him. As they say when one door closes another will always open, and maybe this was a good turnout for him. :) A new beginning :)

Benjamin T. Russell said...

Well that sucked and not in a good way. His luck just when from bad to worst. Then again, maybe not. It could be that becoming a vampire is better than being homeless. Excellent Mr. M., you done good.