Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Terrifying Tuesday Tease: Beyond the front door

Greetings Children of the Night and welcome to The Crypt during this most darkest of weeks. All Hallows Eve will soon be upon us, the dead will once again walk the earth and the undead shall arise from their slumber in search of fresh souls to take.

So this week's Tantalizing Tuesday Tease is, for one week only, known as Terrifying Tuesday Tease instead as I take you on a dark journey in only 200 words.

Beyond the front door

Stepping from the dense forest I was stunned to see the house. For hours I had walked without seeing anything, except trees, but with the rain getting worse the rickety building came as a blessing. Clambering over the rusty chain-link fence, careful to avoid snagging my skin on the broken links, I made my way forwards.
Placing my foot on the bottom step I heard a loud cracking, looked down and saw that the step had began to splinter under my weight. Hurriedly I made my way up the remaining steps towards the door and was taken aback by how new it looked, compared to the rest of the dilapidated building.
Reaching forward I pushed it. Surprised to find it tacky, like it had just been painted, I snatched my hand back and paused. An icy shiver ran down my spine but, with the rain increasing, I pushed the door once again, stepped inside and came face to face with the largest man I had ever seen.
Freezing I glimpsed the body on the floor, saw he was holding a freshly severed arm and realized what the tackiness on the red front door was - just before everything went dark.


Now your bones have been chilled by my little tale why don't you rush over to my friends via the link below and see what they have to offer you, as a way of calming your nerves, this week as well.


Anonymous said...

Terrific photograph - the stuff of classic horror, as is your perfectly built-up tale. You make great use of the image as you tentatively approach your grisly cliffhanger. Nice work.

Naomi said...

Wonderful teaser. Perfect for Halloween. I loved the chilling build up, tense mystical, fitting the picture perfectly. And the end got me in the gut like a punch. Great going Julez

pablo michaels said...

Very appropriate 200 words for the photograph you chose. Gruesome tale with that fantastic twist at the end.

gemma parkes said...

Argh! You scared me Julez! The photo is really creepy and you told your story about it so well!

The AfterDark World with Ray Sostre said...

Holy shit Julez! That was a terrifying piece there, and you really told the story well. Game-changer!

Anonymous said...

Scared the pants off me! Nice work, Julez. It gave me chills.