Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser: New Look, New Life

Tantalizing Tuesday is here yet again and although the words came easily, for a change, finding an image to go with those words was a nightmare. 

As always one image and no more than 200 words makes up a Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser and after missing last week I hope you enjoy my return.

New look, new life

I stared at the woman in front of me, just as she stared at me, she was an absolute stunner. Her legs were slim, long and perfectly smooth, just like her arms. She had naturally tanned skin, which gave her a Mediterranean look, eyes the colour of emeralds, long flowing black hair, which she had lightly curled and was wearing loosely around her shoulders and a small black rose tattoo on her right hip.
The curve of her breasts was accentuated by the tight, white corset she was wearing and her nipples were erect and clearly visible. As well as the corset, which was trimmed with fine, white, lace she was also wearing a matching thong and six inch white stiletto heels. Her make-up was lightly applied, with just the right amount on and looked like it had been done by a professional. She looked almost as good as all the women I had seen in the magazines, and on the internet, and wouldn’t have been out of place gracing the pages alongside them.
 For what seemed like an eternity we just stared at each other smiling, neither of us saying a word...and then I turned away from the mirror.


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Molly Synthia said...

Very clever tease. I wasn't prepared for the last line despite the picture. Excellent job!

Naomi said...

If only thats what I see in the mirror. Very cleverly written tease. Good to see you back Julez

diannehartsock said...

Very well described! She was clearly enchanted by the girl in the mirror and seemed proud of how she looked. Very nice!

Angelica Dawson said...

Beautiful piece. I wish I had her confidence.

Paloma Beck said...

A nice reflection on how a woman might view herself... if only more of us could see our true selves.

Bonni S. said...

Beautifully written tease.