Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser: The Perfect Date

Greetings once again Children of the Night and welcome to another tantalizing Tuesday Teaser. This week I have taken a more romantic picture and added the Julez S Morbius twist to it. I hope you all enjoy.


The whole night had gone perfectly. I had picked Julie up at exactly seven o’clock, like we had arranged, and took her to see the seven-thirty showing of the newest rom-com, her choice not mine, that was on at the cinema. Throughout the film she had laughed, smiled and, when the sad bits came on, rested her head against my shoulder.
By the time the movie ended she had decided that she would like to go somewhere with a little privacy for a bite to eat, and as we slowly made our way through a starter, main course and then dessert we talked about constantly about her work, her likes, dislikes and her hobbies.
I learnt that she wanted to travel the world, before she was thirty-five, learnt all about her favourite foods and drinks, where she liked to go when she went out at night. In fact by the time the bill was paid and we walked outside, I started to feel things that I never thought I’d feel and wondered, no hoped, that she would contact the agency for another night out soon, because there was something about her that I’d happily quit escorting for.

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This is Julez S Morbius saying:

 Remember to keep your necks clean, you never know when I'll pop by for a bite.



Naomi said...

This is a great teaser. It lends itself to a full length story, can't wait to find out what happens next. Well done Julez

Angelica Dawson said...

Interesting twist, with him as the escort. Not my idea of a fun date. I hate RomComs. :p hehe

diannehartsock said...

Very well written, Julez! I enjoyed the story and the little twist at the end. More please! What happens on the next 'date'?

Anonymous said...

Sweet. Totally unexpected coming from you! lol Well done. So, what will happen on their next encounter? I wonder if roles would switch or lines be crossed? *Wink*

Molly Synthia said...

Great teaser, Love. I've always been fascinated about escorts and the possibilities for erotic romance. I loved it!

Leann Mitchell said...

Wow, what a beautiful teaser! I loved the end where he was an escort. Oh, I do hope they start a romance. And lots of hot steamy sex.

gemma parkes said...

Loved the twist at the end! Loved the way the story built also! Great!

pablomichaels said...

I thought she was the call girl, not he as an escort. I'd love to read how it might continue. Great work!

Don Abdul said...

Very nice twist at the end Julez, who would have guessed that he and not she was the escort.
Very good teaser!

Bonni S. said...

Loved the ending. You got me on this one. Great post!