Saturday, 7 July 2012

From failure to success: A journey that needs travelling

Yesterday was a very strange day in the life or, more accurately, the mind of Morbius. I spent a good deal of the day offline, mostly the evening and night but as I did I began to do something dangerous, and something that I shouldn't do to often, I started to think. 

Think about my life and where it has been and where it is going and one word continuously popped into my head, and that word was FAILURE, so I started thinking even more about how I have 

As a parent all I have ever wanted for my children is to do the best they can.

As a husband (twice) I had a partner who was, unknown to me, obviously unhappy as she spent most of our relationship cheating on me before walking out and leaving me with all the children. 

As a partner, and trying my hardest my flirtatious, outgoing nature has led to me leading the life of a monk for two years because I took flirting to far. My fault I know but 

As a writer, who has tried something different by writing transsexual romances. 

Maybe life is trying to tell me something. Maybe life is trying to tell me I am wasting my, and everybody else's time., I don't know. What i do know though is that Morbius needs to be re-invented. Morbius needs to take more time and effort ding the things Morbius wants to do, not what everyone else expects him to do. And then maybe Morbius will see a differnet word, a word everyone can be proud of. And that word will be


Naughty Nights Press (NNP); Gina Kincade; Mistress Journals said...

*smack* Nuff said.

pablomichaels said...

Julez, you are not a failure. You have succeeded in publishing great books. In you're personal life attempts to succeed are not failures but rather survival. You have many challenges ahead, I know. At times these situations become overwhelming. You don't know how much I'd like to be in your shoes and walk down the road of successes you have achieved. So pat yourself on your back. Your life is straight ahead.

Sherry Palmer said...

Everything that happens to us are lessons NOT failures. Our experiences make us who were are and they make us stronger. To me life is a journey of "learning" and for that to happen sometimes we screw up. But nothing is a failure every. I think you are an awesome and involved Dad. I think it takes two people to mess up a relationship not just one partner. I think you are courageous and amazing for what you write. Don't be so hard on yourself, I know the feeling cause I do it myself. I detest the word "perfect" cause nothing is life is perfect. ((hugs))