Thursday, 28 June 2012

Naughty Nights Press 1st Anniversary Blog Hop

One year ago one woman had a vision. That woman was Gina Kincade That vision--was Naughty Nights Press.
So it comes to pass. One year later NNP is growing fast, and pushing the boundaries of erotic fiction further than they have ever been pushed. It is with great honour
that I ask you all to join me in the celebration.

Without NNP there would be no Julez S Morbius, and transsexual fiction would still be spoken about in whispers. It was NNP that gave me a chance to do things that I have always wanted to do. One of those things was become published and another was to show that transsexuals are people--with the same needs and feelings, as any straight, gay, bisexual or lesbian person. Star Search and Addicted to Charlie are two of my releases they look at the development of relationships between men and transsexual woman, the type of relationship that society, as a whole, tends to ignore, but aren’t as far-fetched as society would lead us all to believe.
Over my course of writing I have spoken to, and befriended, an enormous amount of transsexual women, joined groups and websites dedicated to transsexuals on social networking sites and continued to research their lives and lifestyles to continue improving my writing.

 Yet there is a darker side to the LGBT side of life and a side that needs to be stamped out, after all we are in 2012 not 1812. Below are just a few examples of what is wrong with society and what needs to be stopped.
All the links were found from recent newspapers as well as reports from various websites and goes to show that, as erotica does indeed move forward, society seems to move backwards.
And do you know what makes this hatred even harder to stomach. It is when so-called celebrities come out and attack anyone who doesn’t conform to their perfect little man loves woman ideals, people, in fact, like Chuck Norris.

So now let us return to our celebration and as I love you all, whether straight, gay, bi, lesbian or transgender, and what would a celebration be without a giveaway.
For you chance to win 1 x Star Search, 1 x Addicted to Charlie, 1 x The Boy’s Club and a £10 Amazon gift voucher all you have to do is look at the three pictures below and decided which one is the transsexual.




    Once you think you know the answer message me either at

or send me a private message to Facebook at

with your answer A, B, or C, your email address ( for the Amazon voucher and e-books) and your preferred e-book format.


If you would kindly point your mouse at the following link

you can find all the other amazing blogs taking part and maybe win more prizes than you have room for.


Leann Mitchell said...

I'd have to admit, I couldn't tell you which one the transexual is at all. I see three beautiful women and could care less what is between their legs. Great photos by the way! Happy Anniversary Naughty Night Press!

Casey Kerwitz said...

Fantastic post as always!
I have to agree with Leann, I couldn't really tell either. If I have to guess, I'd go with b, but I'm not sure on it at all. THey're all very pretty.
Now off to put up my post for the celebrations!!

Naomi said...

All of them are beautiful and it's impossible to tell when they are clothed. I would take a guess and say they all are, not that it matters. Fantastic post hon x

pablomichaels said...

I'm not positive but I think all three, all definitely damn good looking women.

Shadow said...

I have to agree with the ladies above, i cant tell whos the trans. There all so beautiful! Awesome giveaway! Thank you so much for the hop and the chance to win! :)

Kristi McGill said...

Pleasure is pleasure. Does it matter how it is given?I would kneel before any of them. (if they could handle me)

bn100 said...

Is it B?