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Captivate and Control by Raymond Frazee: A NNP Release

Naughty Nights Press would like you be CAPTIVATED AND CONTROLLED the new release by the talented and sexually enigmatic Raymond Frazee. Let Raymond tickle your fancy as he delves into the world of BDSM, Kinks and Fetishes.

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Captivate and Control by Raymond Frazee

For anyone who has ever wondered, this story is a tasty treat into a small “slice of the BDSM lifestyle”.
Not your everyday book about a man meeting a girl in a bar and they hook up for a night of wicked passion and lust.
This is a very simple, engaging tale, of light/introductory BDSM erotic romance however; the story covers a lot of different areas and kinks to whet your interest.
Some may not appeal to everyone, but then again, it might just unknowingly grab your interest as you delve into the deeper eroticism behind the story.
In this story, it quickly goes from something a little bit kinky, to harder D/s play, to full-on bondage

Excerpt to tease you with:
Brielle began toying with the rim of her daiquiri glass. “My dear sir,” she asked coyly, “are you suggesting some form of debauchery?”
There was a moment of silence as Naiman considered the question. The he looked over the bar, glanced to the bartender, and when he once more turned his gaze to Brielle his smile was beaming. “For what I have in mind, debauchery is such a...crude word.”
Brielle nodded slowly. “And how would you describe it then?” She turned on her own smile. “And why pick me from all the other women here?”
“To answer the first question...” It was Naiman’s turn to lean in and position himself uncomfortably close to Brielle. He knew he was invading her space, but he was also aware that it was far easier to hold a semi-private conversation this way. “I enjoy playing with limits. Mine, yours; doesn’t matter. I like to set off in a certain direction with another person, go as far as we can go – and then...” He made a quick walking motion over Brielle’s crossed knee with his fingers. “Walk a little further.”
“And as for why you of all the women here?” Naiman crossed his leg and sat upright for a moment to work the kinks out of his back before leaning back even closer. “You’re lovely in a natural way; you sit here very poised, without trying to be the center of attention; your outfit is extremely complementary and doesn’t make you look like a fashion victim...” He ran his left index finger along his cheek as if to ponder his next statement. “And I’m a sucker for a woman in boots.”
Brielle gave Naiman a look of disbelief. She started checking out people in the tiny bar. “That girl over there,” she said, pointing to the short blonde woman near the entrance. “She’s wearing boots; are you a sucker for her as well?”
Naiman turned and closely examined the woman. “Oh, she’s nice...” He turned back to Brielle. “But are you interested in my real opinion of her, or is this simply a test to see if I’m laying a bullshit line on you?”
Brielle nodded. “Yes,” she said, an embarrassed smile upon her face.
Naiman turned his attention back to the woman, with Brielle looking on and listening. “First off, she’s attractive, I’ll give you that much. However...” He pointed as he spoke. “She’s got a bubble ass. Now, personally, I love a bubble ass on a woman...what I don’t like is that she taken her bubble ass and squeezed it into what looks like a Lycra dress that’s probably a size too small. That not only makes it look bigger, but it’s sticking out there pretty much just waiting for some guy to rub his cock against it.
“And just like her ass, that dress presses on her breasts and pushes them up, making them look not only larger, but it sticks them out there where anyone could just walk up and...” Naiman make a pinching motion with his fingers. “She’s not wearing a bra, and those nipples are just begging to be set free.
“And, since you pointed out she’s wearing boots...yes, those are very nice – almost certainly as expensive as yours. But where yours have thick, stacked heels that’ll help you walk in them better, hers are stilettos – probably five inches, too, putting them squarely in the ‘fuck me heels’ category.
“What that all adds up to is this: she’s on display, and she’s not ashamed to show it. Again, I don’t have a problem with that; it’s her body, let her do as she likes.” Naiman slowly turned back to Brielle. “I know what she’s looking for,” he said, his tone turning serious. “She wants to get off, and she’s looking for someone who’s going to get off while getting her off. If I was to go over and start hitting on her, and eventually hooked up with her, I know what I’d be getting; a body to fuck and not much else.
“You, on the other hand...” Naiman began ticking off points. “You have a very nice body. Your breasts may not be as large as hers, and while I can’t see your ass, I’m certain it’s as nice as your breasts and just as nicely presented. You’re attractive – enough said. But most of all, you’re a mystery.” He slid his stool closer before saying, “I see you and wonder, ‘What’s behind the curtain?’ The way you’re dressed, some could think you’re modest, but I know that’s not the case because you haven’t once flinched or blushed due to something I’ve said. You’re creating an illusion; you’re dressed that way because you want to keep someone like me guessing about who you really are.”
A silence lingered between Brielle and Naiman that stretched on for almost a minute. Naiman wondered if he’d pushed the envelope a bit too much, frightening her so that she might consider bolting. It had happened before, and statistically the odds were good it could happen again.
So he was very much surprised when Brielle looked him in the eye and said, “Since it would be rude to continue hiding my mystery, where would you suggest we ‘part my curtains’?”

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