Saturday, 14 April 2012

A scene for Saturday (M/M/M)

I locked the door, not because of what may happen once the three of us were alone, but to make sure no-one walked in and heard what I was going to be telling the two of them. As I went to walk across the room, towards the balcony doors to lock them as well, I had to pass Mikey and Jackson on the sofa and, as soon as I got level with them, they grabbed my arms and pulled me down onto the sofa with them. Before I could protest, or fight my way back up, Mikey clamped his lips against mine and Jacksons hand snaked down the inside of my trousers and wrapped his fingers around my thick, rock hard shaft.

"Fuck I've missed this cock," Jackson whispered into my ear as he started to stroke me slowly.

Unable to say anything, due to Mikey's tongue being rammed into my mouth I allowed both my hands to wander of each of their crotch's, feeling the outline of their hard cocks through their clothes, and I had to admit that I had missed the fun we had been having before all the trouble had started.

Mikey was the first to react to my touch and he hurriedly undid his trousers and slid them, and his boxer shorts, down to release his cock for me, his lips still clamped against mine, our tongues still exploring every inch of each other's mouths. Jackson continued to stroke my hard cock as I wrapped my hand around Mikey's and began to slowly wank him. Reaching over my hand Mikey slid Jackson's zip down and freed his cock as well, before wrapping his hand around his full length and the three of us just sat there on the sofa, someone's cock in our hand, and masturbated each other slowly until Jackson decided that just stroking my cock wasn't good enough for him.

Gripping the waistband of what I was wearing he pulled them down fast, releasing my cock, pre-cum glistening on the end of it and he lowered his head quickly, flicking his tongue over the swollen purple head, tasting my juice, and then taking my full length right to the back of his throat. He began to suck me quickly and, getting hornier and hornier, I lowered my head towards Mikey's cock and took him in my mouth as well.

"I need to fuck someone now," Jackson said, letting my cock fall from his mouth.

Before Mikey or I could respond he had pulled me to the edge of the sofa and lifted my legs onto his shoulders, exposing my tight hole to his throbbing hard cock. Without lube it felt like he was tearing my ass open as he pushed his cock forcefully into my hole but once he was in, and the pain subsided, it felt really good. As Jackson began to thrust slowly back and forth into my ass Mikey leant over, wrapped his fingers around my cock, lowered his head and began to run his tongue along my whole length, and around my balls, occasionally sucking on them hard causing me to gasp even more.

Jackson's thrusting became more urgent as he neared his orgasm and Mikey quickly wrapped his mouth around my cock and began to suck greedily, each thrust from Jackson driving my cock to the back of Mikey's throat.

"FUCK I'M GOING TO CUM," Jackson shouted out and I felt his cock tighten in my ass.


As Jackson rammed his cock as hard and far as he could into my ass one last time I felt him shudder and he gasped as the first stream of cum left his body and entered mine. Gripping Mikey's head, making sure he didn't pull away, I arched my back and thrust forward as well, unloading stream after stream of thick, milky cum into Mikey's mouth. Greedily Mikey swallowed as much as he could, a small amount leaking from the corner of his mouth, as I took all Jackson had to offer inside my ass.

"Just need to get you to cum now Mikey," I gasped Jackson still slowly thrusting in and out of me.

Mikey didn't need telling twice and quickly knelt on the sofa, holding his cock still, so I could wrap my lips around him. Licking the small drop of salty pre-cum from the end of his cock first, I licked my lips, then took his whole length in my mouth and began to suck furiously, desperate to make him cum quickly, and while Jackson still softly fucked my ass. It didn't take long for Mikey's legs to start quivering, and his balls tighten, and he couldn't hold back. 

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