Monday, 16 April 2012

Relax...It's Masturbation Monday

Holly pulled the plug and reached for her towel before she stood up, wrapping the towel around her body. Stepping out of the bath carefully, so she didn't slip on all the water she had spilt, Holly walked back into her bedroom and began to get dried. Glancing at the clock as she dried herself Holly noticed that she had only been in there for about twenty-five minutes and she cursed herself for not taking longer. Quickly calculating her timings she realised that she could have spent at least another forty-five minutes in there, more than enough time to satiate herself sexually as she desperately wanted to orgasm again more now than she had in a long time. She continued to dry herself wondering how she was going to fill those extra minutes. Reaching between her legs her pussy tingled as she began to dry there. As soon as she felt the tingling Holly dropped the towel and dropped onto her bed.

Reaching into the second drawer of her bedside cabinet Holly rummaged around before finally pulling out what she was looking for, her eight inch vibrator. Switching it on Holly sucked on her middle finger before starting to rub her pussy for the second time that night. She hadn't felt this horny for a long time and she didn't understand what had come over her. Normally before a job she would just get herself ready and only if she didn't have sex would she go home and masturbate, never before the job though, but tonight she just couldn't help herself. Letting the vibrator lightly cross her nipples Holly pushed two fingers into her pussy, desperate to get wet enough for the vibrator to slide in easily. It took less than a minute of furious masturbation before Holly came again, her juices flooding over her fingers. Removing her fingers, and replacing them with her vibrator, she sucked her juices from them greedily. 

Slowly Holly moved the vibrator in and out of her pussy, making sure she ran it over her swollen clit as she did, before twisting the base and turning it on. As soon as the vibration started inside her waves of pleasure ran through her body as she came yet again. Holly desperately plunged the vibrator deeper into her soaking pussy, juices leaking out of her onto the bed, before turning it up to the max vibrations. Screaming out she came again and again as the vibrator worked its magic on her. Holly switched the vibrator off and slowly started to remove it from her pussy, which was aching from the abuse she had given it, her juices flooding from her and down between her ass cheeks onto the bed.

With that he opened the door, walked out and pulled it behind himself leaving me standing there, naked, and with a hard cock. The way he had fingered my ass, and g-spot, had left me on the verge of cumming again and now I was standing in my room alone, and horny as hell. 

Spying the anal plug on the bed, where Mikey had dropped it, I walked over and picked it up. Checking that the batteries were working in the remote I grabbed the tube of lube Mikey had used and covered the toy completely.

I lay down on the bed with my legs apart and my knees bent up slightly and slowly eased the toy into my ass with one hand, wrapping my other one around my hard cock. Once the toy was fully inserted I turned it on, the slight vibration sending a shiver of excitement through my body, and began to stroke my hard cock slowly. Every couple of minutes I turned the remote up a little more, until it was on maximum and, as the vibrations in my ass brought me ever closer to yet another orgasm, I stroked my cock harder and faster.

Closing my eyes, as I felt my balls start to tighten, I pushed the toy as far into my ass as I could and wanked even faster. With my eyes closed and breathing coming faster and louder I never heard the door open, and someone walk in, and as I moaned out loudly my cock twitched violently as I released my second thick, white, stream of cum, this time all over my stomach.

Once the first initial stream of cum had erupted from my cock I continued to wank slowly, milking my body completely dry, and opened my eyes slowly as my ejaculating finally stopped, to see a figure of a man, in his late twenties to early thirties standing there, watching me, the bulge in his trousers all to obvious.

Taking one last look in the mirror, at Toni, in the mirror I went and lay down on my bed. Choosing the name of my alter-ego had been easy, my real name was Tony, so swapping the Y for an I seemed the easiest thing to do. Lying there I ran my hands down, over my fake tits, and into my thong. My cock was already rock hard, thanks to the feel of my underwear, and I gripped it softly and slowly started to stroke myself, all the time thinking of my first night out as a woman and how it was going to go.

I closed my eyes as I began to wank faster, picturing the look on the face of the man I went home with when he saw my cock, and I soon felt my balls tightening and ready to explode. I rolled onto my side, freed my cock from my thong, and felt my cock start to twitch. Cupping my hand under the shiny purple end I released the first stream of cum, straight into my palm. Jet after jet shot out until all that was left were a couple of small drops on the end, hanging there, causing it to glisten in the light. 


Vampirique Dezire said...

Loved the short shorts hon with just a bit of everything.

*bites n kisses*

Jade said...

wow...something for everybody! Nice post!