Sunday, 25 March 2012

A Scene for Sunday

Welcome Creatures of the Night to A Scene for Sunday where I bring you a small taster of a scene from one of my works for your pleasure and enjoyment.

The stiffness in my trousers grew a little more as I listened to his suggestive tone and, even though I wanted to get him out and find out as much about Jimmy as I could, followed him into the bedroom. As I pushed the door closed behind me, his naked butt directly in front of me, I walked forward and ran my hand down the centre of his back and over his crack. Chris turned to face me and I saw that he was already rock hard and I reached forward and circled his shaft with my fingers.
Slowly I began to stroke him as he closed his eyes and moaned, but when I went to drop to my knees and suck him he stopped me.
“No Adam this time I want to suck you,” he said before lowering himself onto his knees.
Slowly and methodically he undid my trousers and eased them, and my boxer shorts, down. Leaning forward a little he kissed the swollen head of my cock before wrapping his fingers around the base of my shaft and beginning to stroke me.
“Close your eyes Adam,” he whispered. “Close your eyes and relax.”
Doing as he said I groaned softly as his soft, gentle hand expertly stroked my cock, and occasionally I felt his tongue running up and down my shaft as well, which drove me wild. Blindly I reached forward until I felt his soft hair in my hands and gently I urged his head forward, closer to my cock, and waited to feel his soft lips engulf me.
Chris didn’t need any further encouragement and, after running his tongue from my balls to the very tip of my cock, I felt the warm wetness of his mouth as he slowly took inch after inch of me into his mouth and began to give me the best blowjob I had ever been given. Slowly he bobbed his head back and forth every so often pausing to run his tongue around the swollen head of my cock, his tongue gently flicking over my glans, before he lowered his head once again.
Stroking me as he sucked I felt his free hand wrap around my balls and gently begin to massage them before his hand slipped between my legs. Slowly he began to run a finger up and down the crack of my ass and I parted my legs, just a little, to allow him a bit more access.
With his hand and mouth working my cock and his finger circling, and rubbing, my tight hole I quickly felt myself nearing the point of no return. Just as I felt my balls start to tighten I felt Chris push the finger he had against my tight hole hard into me, and lost all control before I could say a word and began to cum. Twitch after twitch from my cock released more and more of my thick, white, milky liquid into his mouth yet Chris never slowed his pace, swallowing every drop that entered his mouth.
As soon as I had nothing more to give him Chris removed his finger from my ass, and his mouth from my cock, stood up, turned me around and rested my hands on the dressing table.
“Don’t move Adam,” he whispered seductively into my ear, and I did as he asked.
Without turning around I listened, to see if I could hear what he was up to, and heard the drawer on my bedside cabinet slide open followed by the tearing sound of a condom wrapper. Suddenly I felt one warm hand on my hips quickly followed by a large, cold, dollop of lube on my ass and Chris’ fingers working it into my tightness. Once he was satisfied that I was ready I felt the head of his cock slowly force it’s way between my ass cheeks and begin probing my ass.


Vampirique Dezire said...

What I wouldn't have given to be sitting in the corner watching...loved it my dark blood lover.
You have a few typos and a couple of tenses need changing but otherwise I want to read more...

*bites n kisses n slow gropes*

Jade said...

Hmmm, I'm so ready for more right now... Do you mind if I just sit here and wait? I'll be silent, you won't even notice I'm here...