Friday, 9 March 2012

March Competition

Greetings fellow creatures of the night and welcome, once again, into my humble abode. 

Today I bring you news of March's Competition from The Crypt. As you all know I normally run the competition during the final week of the month but from this month I am going to begin it earlier and hold it open for even longer, to give more people a chance to enter. Also instead of having just the one image for you to write about I am bringing you two.


Look at the two pictures above and choosing either one or both of them put yourself into the minds of the man or woman, imagine what they are thinking and in no more than 300 words, in whatever genre you like, turn those thoughts into a short piece of fiction.

Once you have completed your entry either post it as a comment here or email it to me at with the heading MALE, FEMALE or BOTH, depending on which picture you have chosen to write about.

The competition will close at 23:59:59 on Tuesday April 3rd and winners will be notified within 24 hours.

Don't forget each monthly winner will also be entered into the draw at the end of the year to win yet again.

What can I win? I hear you screaming.

Well this month the first prize will be a £20 Amazon voucher. Second prize will be a £5 Amazon voucher - so don't forget to include your email address with your entry, otherwise how will I send you your prize? 


Imprintation said...

I am in hopefully <3

Muffy Wilson said...

Of course, I am going to play and enter. Both are seductively charming photos..........but I think I will enjoy being the woman in this game of love.......:) xo