Wednesday, 15 February 2012

From the Mind of Morbius 3

Greetings fellow Creatures of the Night. Today I would like to bring you the third chapter of my current work in progress.

Pulling my hand from hers I stumbled back, only stopping when my back came into contact with the wall.
“What the fuck!!” I shouted. “Where the fuck do vampires come into this?”
“I told you there was something else Damien,” Zara said. “And that something is we are all also vampires.”
“Vampires don’t really fucking exist,” I exclaimed. “They are just legends, urban myths.”
“If that is the case why then do you spend as much time researching them as you do transsexuals?” Zara asked.
“Because I am fascinated with THE LEGEND nothing more,” I said emphasising the fact that vampires were nothing more than a legend.
Zara turned away from me for a few seconds, then spun around and I froze. Now do you believe in vampires Damien? Her voice was back inside my head. All I could do was stare at her, my mind unable to believe what I was seeing, my eyes telling me that vampires did really exist.
Zara was standing less than six feet away and I could clearly see the sharp fangs, that hadn’t been there before, protruding from her lips and that wasn’t the only change. Her eyes, which before were a beautiful deep brown colour now glowed a flame red.  As I stared at the woman, the vampiress, before me I looked for a way out. There was no way I could deal with this. Transsexuals were one thing but vampires, vampires were totally out of my league.
“Please Damien don’t be afraid,” Zara said softly, her face reverting back to normal. “You have nothing to be afraid of.”
“Nothing to be fucking afraid of?” I exclaimed. “Are you fucking kidding me you are a fucking vampire, a creature of the night?”
“Yes Damien I am, we are,” Zara said. “And that is why we turned to you.”
“But what the fuck do you expect me to do?” I asked puzzled.
“It’s simple,” Zara said. “I, we, want you to convince the people of this town that we aren’t a threat and that we just want to be able to live our lives as they do, without fear of retribution.”
“I have lived here all my life and they are set in their ways,” I said. “Just being transsexual is enough to send most of them into a hateful frenzy.”
“I realize that Damien but I believe that if anyone can do this it is you,” Zara said sounding almost desperate. “You and your friends.”
“You must be joking I can’t tell my friends they will think I have gone crazy.”
“Then bring them here,” Zara said. “One by one and they too shall learn the truth.”
“What makes you think that, after I leave here, I will ever return?” I asked.
“Because after tonight you will never want for anything again, ever,” Zara said. “But now I must rest. The guards will take you to your room and I shall summon you later.”
With that she walked over to me, kissed me lightly on the lips and then turned and walked out of the door she had entered by, leaving me all alone. How the hell she expected me to get my friends to agree to help I hadn’t got a clue as they were the sort of people that rode massive bikes, drank far too much alcohol and enjoyed nothing more than getting into fights. They definitely weren’t the type of people that would be sympathetic to Zara’s, and the other girls, cause.
Wondering what to do about the situation I began to think it would be best to just cut and run, forget about everything that had happened and hope Zara left me alone, but I knew she wouldn’t. As I began to pace around the room, wondering what to do nest, the door I had entered by swung open and the two guards walked in.
“Come with us,” one of them said.
Shrugging my shoulders I stepped between the two of them and they began to lead through a myriad of corridors, eventually stopping outside another set of double doors.
“This will be your room for now,” the second guard said. “Do not leave the room under any circumstances, night is coming and you will be safe here.”
“What do you mean safe?” I asked slightly worried.
“Zara did explain what we were so if you can’t work it out then you aren’t worthy of being our spokesman, not that I think you will be any use anyway.”
I looked at her, saw a look that could only be described as pure hatred etched on her face, decided against questioning her any further and entered the room. As I did the door was pulled closed behind me and I heard the lock click, they had locked me in. Unsure whether that was to protect me, or make sure I didn’t leave, I had no idea but with no other choice I looked around the room.
To be fair to whoever had laid out the room they hadn’t done a bad job at all. The walls were a deep red colour, with half a dozen paintings spaced evenly around them, the floor was carpeted with the highest quality shag pile and as I walked it felt like I was floating on air. There was also a two seat sofa, small coffee table, drinks cabinet and the bed, and what a bed it was. Taking up almost half the room I stared in awe at the massive, dark wood four poster bed and walked over to it.
Gingerly I pressed the mattress, expecting it to be as hard as rock, and was surprised at just how soft it was. Taking my hand away I watched as the mattress slowly regained its original shape and climbed on to the bed. Laying back, the bed slowly moulding itself around my form, I tried to think how I would convince a whole town that the transsexual vampires that lived in the large house on the town’s outskirts weren’t a threat and knew that I would be fighting a losing battle.
With nothing else to do but lie there and think I soon felt my eyes getting heavy, but as my eyes started to slowly close I heard the door to the room unlock. Sitting bolt upright I swung my legs off the bed and stood up, unsure who or what to expect, just as the door swung open.
Before I had chance to see who was entering the lights went off, plunging the room into darkness and I heard the door click closed.
“Who’s there?” I called into the darkness, trying to hide the growing fear in my voice.
The silence was deafening, the only sound I could hear was my own breathing, but slowly my eyes began to become accustomed to the darkness and I could just make out the figure of someone standing only a few feet in front of me.
“Who’s that?” I asked my voice trembling slightly.
“Don’t be scared Damien.”
It was Zara and as she spoke the lights in the room came on dimly. As my eyes finally saw her I noticed that she had changed from earlier. Gone was the full length white dress, in its place Zara now wore a black knee length leather skirt, split halfway up each thigh, a tight red blouse which struggled to contain her tits, stockings or suspenders, knee high four inch stiletto boots and her flame red hair was tied in a tight ponytail. In her hand she was holding two glasses and a bottle of, what looked like, champagne.
“So Damien have you had chance to think about what I asked you?” Zara asked as she walked over to the bed and sat down. “Are you going to join me?”
Walking over to the bed I sat next to her, my thigh brushing hers, as she opened the bottle. Once the bottle was open Zara handed me a glass and began to pour the drinks. As she did I couldn’t help but stare at her, her pale, slightly made up face radiating pure beauty. I continued to stare as she took a sip from her glass, then followed her and took a large mouthful of my own drink.
“So Damien are you ready?” Zara asked putting her glass down on the bedside cabinet and raising her hands to my face.
“For what?” I asked taking another sip from my glass.
Without saying a word Zara took my glass from me, placed it next to hers and leaned her head forward. Her soft lips brushed against mine as she kissed me softly, before pulling away again.
“This,” she said as she placed her hands against my chest and pushed me down onto the bed.

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