Tuesday, 7 February 2012

From the mind of Morbius 2

Continuing the story I began yesterday I am proud to present the second chapter. Hopefully you will enjoy it and not find the final twist too outlandish. As always let me know what you REALLY think, I am always interested to hear from you all.


Lifting my head and looking at her gorgeous, semi-hard, cock I was powerless to stop myself reaching for it and circling my fingers around the shaft. I had dreamt of this moment my whole adult life, ever since I had seen my first transsexual image but, until now, I had never even met one.
Hesitating as I looked at her semi-hard, seven inch, weapon inches away from my face, I was filled with trepidation and Zara knew it. Damien the time you have wished for all your life is upon you. Her voice was inside my head again. Or have all those hours you have spent in front of the internet been nothing more than morbid fascination? Are you just like all the others that look but never act on your feelings? Are you a man who knows what he wants? A man that is not afraid to embrace the unknown, to try something new, something different.
Her voice inside my head was right, what was I afraid of? I had never been happy in any relationship that I had ever had, whether it was with a man or a woman, and had always felt that I was somehow different to all my friends. Forgetting my worries I slowly lifted my right hand and circled her shaft, feeling it grow in my hand as I did so and began to stroke her slowly. I was surprised at how quickly she reached full hardness and as I continued to stroke her I saw the first, small, drop of pre-cum seep from the end.
It’s time for the next step Damien her voice inside my head said. Suck me, taste me. Remembering what I had seen from the pictures I had spent hours perusing, the films I had watched over and over again I moved my head forward, flicked my tongue out and tasted her seed. Shivering at the slightly salty taste I pulled my head away and stroked her some more, causing even more of her thick, white, milky liquid to ooze from the slit in the end of her cock.
Whether it was the softness of her voice inside my head, my own need or the feel of her hand that she had placed on the back of my head I didn’t know but I moved forward once again. This time I closed my eyes and let my tongue caress the swollen, purple head of her cock, savouring the taste of her seed and then running it slowly down the full length of her shaft before opening my mouth wide.
Running back up her shaft this time I didn’t hesitate and slowly took her in my mouth, slowly feeding inch after inch to myself, until I felt her at the back of my throat. Pausing, to get used to the feel of her cock in my mouth I circled my tongue around the bulbous head, enjoying the taste more than I thought I would before starting to bob my head back and forth along the whole length of her shaft slowly. That feels so good Damien her voice said softly. You are truly the one we have been searching for.
Hearing her thoughts I wondered what she meant by The One but continued to suck her cock, bobbing my head up and down faster and as I got faster I lifted my hand to circle the base of her shaft and stroke her as I sucked. As I felt her balls tighten in my hand Zara gripped my hair and began to thrust her hips in time with my sucking, and I knew that she wasn’t going to last much longer.
Bracing myself for her ejaculation, the first ejaculation I would ever have swallowed, I continue to suck her. Zara’s breathing became more erratic, her thrusts harder and faster, the closer she got to the edge and it wasn’t very long before her cock twitched violently in my mouth. Although I had prepared myself for this moment the amount of cum that erupted from Zara’s cock surprised me.
Twitch after twitch from her cock released more and more of her seed into my mouth and, although I swallowed as fast as I could, I couldn’t prevent some of her semen leaking from the corner of my mouth. Finally, after Zara had cum more than I had ever thought possible, she was completely spent and apart from the small amount that had escaped my mouth I had swallowed most of what she had.
Slowly Zara stepped back allowing her cock to fall from my mouth as she did then, after letting her dress fall back down around her legs, she held her hands out towards me. Taking hold of her outstretched hands I stood up, looked directly into her eyes and smiled.
“I can tell you won’t let me down,” Zara said this time actually speaking, not thinking, the words. “I truly believe that you are the one to help us.”
“Help you what?” I asked puzzled.
“Help us become accepted by the people,” Zara said and for the first time I saw emotion in her eyes.
“Talk to me Zara,” I said. “Tell me what you expect from me.”
“Damien let me start by telling you I am not the only transsexual living here,” Zara began. “In fact every woman you will see while you are here is one.”
“How many of you are there?” I asked.
“Fifteen,” Zara answered. “And the reason we all live here is because a lot of society still refuses to accept us as normal people.”
“But that’s just bullshit,” I said angrily.
“Yes it is and if that was the only problem I believe that we would be able to overcome it eventually,” Zara continued. “But it isn’t”
“You’re telling me there’s even more?” I said inquisitively.
“Yes and no-one outside the walls, or the surrounding grounds, of this building knows,” Zara continued. “But I feel it is time for society to accept, and embrace, the truth and after having you watched for a long time I knew in you I had found the ideal person to spread the word.”
“I think you better tell me Zara,” I said my anger at society’s refusal to accept people who were different still raging in my body.
“The thing is Damien this maybe harder for you to accept,” Zara said bowing her head slightly.
“I would doubt that,” I replied. “We live in the twenty-first century now not the tenth and everyone should be accepted for who they are, not what they are.”
“Even vampires,” Zara said lifting her head and staring directly into my eyes.


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