Saturday, 28 January 2012

Vampires in movies

Greetings Creatures of the Night. 

Continuing this weeks look at vampires today I bring you vampires in movies, and a selection of trailers for your viewing pleasure. I hope you enjoy my choices and if you do, or even if you don't, let me know.

And for those who like their vampires a little more modern, a little more sparkly there is the latest vampire sensation The Twilight Saga.

Hopefully you enjoy my choices 


JS Morbius

1 comment:

James Garcia Jr. said...

Greetings! Thanks for the invite. I love the first three. In fact, you reminded me that I have yet to finish watching Nosferatu. I have a copy of it laying around, but never finished it. Sadly, no one in my house likes to be scared, so I'm stuck watching things on a laptop in the bedroom.
Cool place you've got here. I promise to be back.