Sunday, 22 January 2012

The beginning of something new

Something new that I have started, I'd love to hear what you think.

Opening the door I stepped out into the cold, dark night air. Snow lay untouched on the ground, looking like a freshly washed white duvet. Slowly I began to walk along where the path normally was, careful not to slip on the treacherous surface, and headed towards the town.
It had been a couple of months since I had ventured out at night, I hadn’t wanted, or needed, to but for too long I had gone without. Gone without the feel of naked skin against mine, gone without the feeling of being needed, wanted, and gone without the taste and smell that I loved so much, the taste and smell of sex, sweat and, of course, blood.
Being cursed as I was had both its positives and negatives. When the need came it was so easy for me to satiate myself, so easy to find a partner, a lover, a victim. I stood six foot three inches tall, had the body of an Olympic athlete and the rugged looks of a film star so finding someone to spend the night with was easy. Man, or woman, it didn’t matter to me just as long as I got what I wanted, what I needed.
Yet at the end of the night the result was always the same. After spending hours pleasuring, and being pleasured by, the nights chosen one it always ended with me above their naked, lifeless corpse, two small holes in their neck the only sign that anything was wrong, and I had to dispose of yet another victim.
Sometimes I wished I could find the one that didn’t have to die, the one that pleaded to become as I was just as I had pleaded with the one that made me what I was, the one that wanted to spend the rest of eternity with me. Maybe tonight would be that night, maybe tonight I wouldn’t have to kill, all I could do was hope.
I put all thoughts of the negatives to the back of my mind and continued my walk into the town. The cold and snow had seemed to keep most people at home, with just a few milling around the town and darting in and out of bars and clubs, but that was good for me. With less people about there was less chance of me being seen selecting the night’s victim, and less chance of me being caught, not that they would be able to catch me anyway, I had been doing the same thing for far too long. In all the years I had been cursed I had only ever been almost caught once, and that had been when I was still fairly new at the life, and had been careless. Still that had been the past and there was no point dwelling on what might have been, instead it was time to look to the future, a future that began now.
Watching the few people that there were I saw that most of them seemed to be heading to the same place, a club called Silhouette, and I followed. Stopping outside I looked at the building, and a shiver of anticipation coursed through my body, the place looked perfect. Everyone was dressed in a similar style to me, with dark clothes particularly blacks, reds and purples the order of the day, there were no bouncers on the door, which would make coming and going easier, and if I did need a quick escape there was an alleyway down the side of the building that I could disappear into quickly.

Julez S Morbius


Eden Connor said...

New starts are always a rush. This one sounds interesting Julez. :)

Vampirique Dezire said...

I liked it hon, be interesting to see where you are going to take this story.
Keep with it my dark prince.

*bites n kisses*

Anonymous said...

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