Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The start of something new

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Victor Pierce stared at the large double doors of the college, and strode forward confidently. Smiling to himself as he thought about the good times that he had had while he was a nineteen year old student, he was looking forward to seeing what the rest of his classmates had made of themselves since leaving.
He would have been surprised if many people there remembered him; after all he had changed unrecognizably in the ten years since leaving. Gone was the thin, scrawny, nerd that took his classes seriously and in his place was a man standing 5’ 9” tall, very muscular, heavily tattooed with pale brown eyes and short, white blond hair. A man who, with a mixture of hard work and good fortune, had become a very successful businessman. A man running his own private security firm, with half a dozen people working for him.
Pushing one of the doors open he stepped inside, paused, took a deep breath and then continued forward to the large hall, where the main reunion was taking place. As Victor reached forward, and placed his hand on the handle, the other door swung open and a couple he vaguely recognized came through, arm in arm, laughing and joking. For another second or two he paused, to regain his composure, then opened the door and entered.
Music, from the years he was at college, was playing and there were at least thirty people in the hall. As he walked towards the makeshift bar, that had been set up for the night, he looked around trying to see if he could recognize anyone. One or two faces seemed familiar to him, he just couldn’t remember the names, but then he had never been that good with names.
“Alright what would you like?” The man working the bar asked.
“Double Jack Daniels please,” Victor replied.
The barman handed him his drink and Victor walked away from the bar, towards one of the tables that had been set up around the edge of the room, and sat down. Sipping his drink slowly he continued to look around, at everyone in the room, when he finally saw someone whose name he could remember. Ian Kraemer was standing on the opposite side of the room, and staring straight at him.
Kraemer was an athletic looking man; in fact he looked pretty much like he had when they were at college together. Standing an inch or so shorter than himself, Ian was similarly tanned, with one ear pierced, dark brown eyes and dark, wavy, brown hair.
Victor took a large mouthful of his drink, his eyes never leaving Ian’s, before standing up and making his way across the room.
“Hello Ian,” Victor said when he was within range, and held his hand out.
“Victor glad you could make it,” Ian replied reaching forward and placing his hand in Victor’s.
The two men gripped each other’s hand firmly, just for a couple of seconds, before letting go.
“Of all the people here I didn’t expect to see you Victor,” Ian said.
“To be honest I nearly didn’t come,” Victor replied.
“Why not?”
“It’s not really my scene,” Victor replied. “And besides my firm has got a big job on tonight.”
“So why change your mind then?”
“I’m not sure I guess I thought it would be good to see how everyone else has got on since leaving college.”
The two men stared at each other as Victor raised his glass, and took another mouthful of the fiery liquid.
“Aren’t you drinking Ian?” Victor asked noticing he hadn’t got a glass.
“I might in a bit,” Ian replied. “If I hang around for long.”
“Well I’m getting another,” Victor said draining his glass. “Surely you’ll have a small one with me.”
“Okay I guess one small one won’t hurt,” Ian replied.
Leaving Ian where he was Victor walked over to the bar and ordered the same again for himself, and a single for Ian. Downing his quickly Victor ordered yet another and then walked back to where Ian was waiting for him.
“Here you go,” Victor said offering Ian his drink.
“Thanks Vic,” Ian said. “So what are your plans for tonight then?”
“I thought I might have this drink then go for a look around,” Victor said. “See how much of the college has changed in ten years.”
“Sounds like more fun than staying in here,” Ian said. “Do you fancy some company?”
“Sure why not,” Victor replied and downed his drink. “Coming then?”
“Fuck hang on,” Ian said emptying his glass, a look of disgust crossing his face, causing Victor to smile as he did so. “I don’t normally drink that shit.”
“You should have said,” Victor said. “I’d have got you lemonade.”
As he said it Victor burst out laughing, while Ian pushed him back.
“You cheeky fucker,” Ian said. “Come on then let’s go.”
The two of them put their glasses down, headed out of the main hall and walked along the main corridor, peering into each classroom they passed. As they turned the corner at the end of the corridor Ian tried the next door they came to, and it swung open.
“Bet this room brings back memories,” he said as he entered the dark, the only light coming from a street light directly outside the window.
“English, if I’m not mistaken,” Victor said following him inside.
Without turning the lights on Victor looked around the room, at all the posters on the wall, and walked over to look out of the window. The night outside was clear, he could see people still arriving to the reunion and there were cars everywhere, he had never seen the car park as full as it was\ now, even when he was a student.
“Guess we better continue looking around,” Victor said turning away from the window, to find Ian standing right behind him. “Fuck Ian I nearly stood on you then.”
Smiling Ian didn’t say a word; he just lifted his arm, and placed his hand softly on the side of Victor’s face.
“What the fuck?” Victor exclaimed, reaching his own hand up, wrapping it around Ian’s wrist and pulling his hand away.
“Oh come on Vic you didn’t think me being here was an accident did you?” Ian said. “I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist and I had to see you.”
“What happened between us was ten years ago Ian, Victor said, still gripping Ian by the wrist. “We were young, inexperienced...”
“But we were also damn good together,” Ian interrupted.
“Yes we were but times change, people change,” Victor said.
“But memories stay with you forever,” Ian said, before pulling his hand away from Vic’s , lifting it again and putting it around the back of Victor’s neck.
Before Victor could say another word Ian moved his head forward and placed his lips against Victor’s. Shocked Victor froze for a second before he found himself responding to Ian’s kiss, with one of his own. Wrapping his arms around Ian’s back Victor pulled him as close to his own body as he could, his tongue darting into Ian’s mouth, their groins grinding together, before he suddenly pulled away and pushed Ian off.
“We can’t Ian not here,” Victor said. “Not after ten years without even seeing each other.”
Before Ian could do anything Victor pushed passed him, and hurried back out into the corridor.
“Vic wait,” Ian called out, as he followed him out of the classroom.
“I’m sorry Ian,” Victor said. “I’ve got to go.”

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Mmm...need more! What a nice tease. ;)