Monday, 19 December 2011


Creatures of the Night I bring you news of The Competition from The Crypt, and the news I bring forth is that it was won by MICHELLE A. CHATTON. Speaking to Michelle she said she couldn't have done it with the help and support of her good friend BENJAMIN RUSSELL.

And now for your reading pleasure I would like to bring you the winning entry.

She had been searching for so long; decades of torment and loss but finally her quest seemed to be over. Ninety years ago, his disappearance ripped her lifeless heart from her chest and caused a wound that never healed. From the time of her change at the age of 25, in 1795, his guidance and love was her anchor in a strange new world. The love they shared felt like something she could count on for eternity, until that fateful night in 1921, when her life changed to one of painful emptiness. She could remember the night as if it were yesterday.... 
Blalock, the Vampire Master, pumped inside her with harder and harder thrusts. “That is it my beauty, come for me. Scream my name, my sweet,” he whispered in Ashla’s ear. 
“Oh yes, lover. Fuck me harder, bite me; feed from me handsome,” Ashla cried into the night. 
His lips caressed the pulse in her throat then his bite sent her plunging over the edge. Her body convulsed from the intense pleasure of her orgasms and as he demanded, she screamed his name. Blalock growled his pleasure as he emptied his pulsing cock inside her. He licked her wound closed and together, they fell into the dreamless sleep of their kind. Come nightfall, she awoke to an empty bed, the beginning of her search and her heartache began. 
Now she stood before the crypt her jealous older sister, Nasus, had cursed Blalock to spend eternity trapped in an undead sleep. The bitch believed her power was strong enough to keep the lovers apart, but she didn’t know Ashla’s powers had finally matured. 
Ashla concentrated on the crypt door and it burst open in a shower of splintered stone. Before her sat the stone burial coffin, in which her love lay sleeping. Again, she focused her powers and with a wave of her hand, the heavy stone slab that covered her lover’s prison, moved to the side. 
She reached inside and caressed his cold cheek. “Oh my love, I have searched for so long to find you. Soon I will have you out of here and this will be nothing but a bad memory.” 
“I think not sister dear,” came a voice from the dark. 
“Nasus you unholy bitch, show yourself.” Ashla called back. A burst of light flared and there stood the woman Ashla both loved and hated. 
Nasus laughed. “Did you really think I was going to just let you come and take what is mine?” 
In Ashla’s mind, she started the incantation to free her love and to trap her sister. “He was never yours you fool. You wasted centuries pinning over a man who never wanted you.” 
A thunderclap boomed in the crypt when Ashla unleashed her power. Nasus stood frozen in place, a look of wonder forever on her face. 
“Ashla, my beauty you came for me.” Blalock said as he flowed out of the coffin. 
“Yes, I did my more ways than one.” 





michellelady said...

Thank you so much Julez, I am flying high today. This was fun and you are an awesome person. Holy Hell I have never won anything before. Not even a lollipop for a Dirty Old Man. ;)

Thanks Benjamin Russell. You Rock as a friend and mentor.

ERP said...

congrats Michelle!

Kellie Kamryn said...