Tuesday, 27 December 2011

2011 The Year in Review

So as 2011 comes to a close, in four days time, and 2012-The year of the Apocalypse (according to certain people) is almost upon us I thought I would take a look back over the last twelve months.

January came and The Crypt of Morbius was called Inside the Mind of Morbius and had only been running for a couple of months but as life changed so did the name of my world, and The Crypt of Morbius came to be.

I became an affiliate for a number of companies such as Lovehoney, Cocklocker, Honour and many others, I began to write posts for Eden Fantasys and I made many, many wonderful new friends.

Yet the biggest step forward came when I was convinced to send one of my erotic stories, that I had been writing for a few years, to Naughty Nights Press for consideration for publication. Now being the pessimist that I am I thought that I was wasting my time, but after a few weeks I received the email that changed everything, Naughty Nights Press accepted my manuscript, and Julez S Morbius became an author.

Since that day a short story and another fuller length story have also been accepted and I feel that I have finally found my calling, and a place where I belong.

Yet the year hasn't all been positives, the darkness has also tried to take me for it's own.

Family problems, stress and depression have all done their best to ruin what should have been such a momentous year, each one trying to drag me back into the darkness that I have lived in so many times in my life.

Each day I have had to take a combination of painkillers, anti-depressants and beta-blockers just make sure I woke able to function the next day and, of I am honest, some day I wished that I hadn't woke at all.

But awaken I did and I am still here. For the first time in years I am actually looking forward to the New Year with increased expectation.

Yes The Apocalypse may come (yeah whatever) but if it does it will find me a very difficult obstacle to remove for I shall not be stopped. Julez S Morbius will continue to write, submit and hopefully be published.

2012 will be remembered not for The Apocalypse (yawn, yawn) but as the Year of Morbius, the year that sparkling vampires were put to rest once and for all and the year that one true dark stranger stood tall and took erotic fiction by storm.

So to all those that I consider friends and those who consider me to be a friend I wish you a Happy 2012 and to all those that look down on me and think of me as nothing more than a waste of human life I say FUCK YOU.




Naughty Nights Press (NNP); Gina Kincade; Mistress Journals said...

Amen! Well said Julez!
On too many levels I know just how you felt in 2011 but in the end you just can't beat the strength we have, what we are made of. We survive.
But this coming year is more then the usual survival. It's the year we show ourselves & everyone else that WE ARE HERE so the world, apocalypse or not, had better look out!
They just ain't seen nothing yet!
As one of NNP's exclusive writers...yes, you heard me, you are about to show the doubters just who the dark man really is. He is J.S. Morbius, multi-published author! Woot woot!

2bmechick said...

JULEZ...you're awesome nuff said!!!!

Iris Deorre said...

Wow what an amazing year you've had. I'm so happy for you. 2012 will be even better. The impossible will now be become possible! Encouraging words and good for you for waking up every morning even when you didn't want too. It takes amazing strength and I am glad you did because if you hadn't I wouldn't have known you even existed. Here's to you for 2012!