Thursday, 10 November 2011

Welcome to Tranzformation, my new W.I.P.


The flyer stated in bold neon writing.
Holding the flyer, and looking back at the young woman that had handed it to me, I wondered why nothing had been mentioned about the fact that a new club was opening in town. It wasn’t as if the town was a bustling, ever changing metropolis, it was a stagnant, same as it always had been, two-bit market town.
For years nothing had changed, the same old shops occupied the same spots, the same old faces worked behind the counters and more and more people had started to go further afield for entertainment. The fact that there had been absolutely nothing in the local paper about the place opening also intrigued me, surely advertising was of the utmost importance in getting a new business to hit the ground running.
I stared at the flyer again.
Normally I just screwed up anything anyone handed to me in the streets but there was something about the sound of this club that stopped me from doing so, and I decided that I was definitely going to have to go and see what it was like. Besides for too long I had avoided going out at night, being single had made me like that.
I absolutely hated going out, and coming home, alone so I had just stopped going out altogether. I had been single for two years, and hadn’t had sex in eighteen months, and the last time I had tried I had been such a failure that the person I was with made sure the whole town heard about it, she was that much of a bitch.
All I did now at nights and weekends was stay in my flat, watching shit TV, having a few beers and masturbating to images on the internet. I had even thought about trying internet dating, but got scared off by the price of some of the sites, so I made do with free images and videos.
Taking one last look over my shoulder I saw the woman that had handed me the flyer still staring in my direction, while talking to a couple of other women. As she saw me look back at her she lifted her mobile phone, pointed it in my direction and, I presumed, took my picture for some reason.
Turning away I hurriedly mingled amongst all the other people milling around the streets, the flyer still clutched tightly in my hand, before heading home.
Once home I placed the flyer on the side table, then realized that the opening was less than forty-eight hours away, and found myself looking forward to it.
Entering my bedroom I opened the wardrobe and looked to see what I had to wear for the clubs opening and decided that, as it had been so long since I had been out, a new set of clothes was required and I would do that the next day.
Leaving the bedroom, and entering the kitchen area, I opened the freezer and peered inside. For some reason I felt strangely hungry but after rooting around didn’t see anything that took my fancy. Slamming the door I took my wallet from my back pocket, opened it and checked how much money I had.
There were three twenty’s and a ten in there so I picked up the phone, rang the local takeaway and ordered a Chinese chicken curry, egg fried rice, a bag of prawn crackers and some barbeque ribs. After being told the food would arrive within forty-five minutes I went to the front room, switched the TV on, found the music channel and then booted up my PC. I still found it strange that the club hadn’t been advertised and guessed I must have missed it somehow, so typed its name into a search engine, and waited.
After what seemed like an age, I really needed to upgrade my internet service, a single black page appeared on the screen. For at least thirty seconds nothing happened and I thought the screen had frozen. I was about to refresh the page when slowly the letters from the club’s name filled the screen, a multitude of neon colours, just like the flyer, filling the screen and I sat transfixed, almost hypnotised.
For some reason I was unable to look away from the screen as images of dancing, drinking and partying filled the screen and a techno beat pounded in the background, the neon colours changing in time with the hypnotic sound of the tunes.
Then all of a sudden the screen went black again, and this time it stayed like that. No colour, no sound, nothing, just a plain black screen, and an eerie silence.



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