Friday, 18 November 2011

Some more Tranzformation, my new wip


I took my empty plate up to the counter, told Julie I’d be back at five, and then left. Although she had said not to go back to the shop where I had got my clothes from it felt wrong to be walking around with brand new clothes that I hadn’t paid for, and I felt that I had to pay for them.
Hurrying back to the shop I was amazed to find it still closed and banged on the door, but no-one came. For five, ten, fifteen minutes I stood knocking, hoping that Suzie was just busy and that she would eventually come to the door, or re-open for the afternoon, but it was all in vain. Either she had gone home for the day or she just didn’t want to open. Maybe she knows it’s me I thought and she is embarrassed that she didn’t charge me.
An idea formed in my head and I hurried back to the cafe, borrowed a pen, piece of paper and an envelope, and sat down to have another coffee while I jotted a small note.
You didn’t charge me this morning. Hope this £80 covers what I purchased.
I put four twenty pound notes from my wallet, placed them with the note in the envelope and sealed it.
“I’m just going to drop this at the shop, and then I’ll be back Julie,” I called out before emptying my mug and heading to the door.
“No rush Darren,” Julie called back. “It’s only three still got two hours until I finish for the day.”
I headed out the door and back to the shop, and slipped the envelope, and money, through the letterbox. Once that was done I felt a lot better, and decided to head home for an hour or so, until I could pick Julie up.
I was about halfway home when, for no reason, I found myself humming the club’s tune and didn’t understand why. Stopping for a second I decided to head back to town and go to Tranzformation and see just what it looked like, as I realized I still hadn’t got a clue. Taking the flyer, which I had kept since the shop, out of my pocket I examined it. At first I couldn’t find any hint of an address but finally, at the very bottom of the flyer, so small it was almost unreadable, was what I was looking for.
According to the flyer Tranzformation was just out of town on the old, disused airfield, and was actually one of the old hangars which had been completely transformed. Walking there would take the best part of forty minutes, each way, and as there was less than two hours until I was supposed to meet Julie I would be pushing it getting there and back. Deciding I would be better leaving it for the time being, I could always go once I had shown Julie the advert, hell she may even want to come with me. Choosing to spend the next hour and a half just wandering around the town instead I found myself going in and out of random shops, never buying anything, just killing time.
After entering what felt like every shop in the town I glanced at my watch and saw that it was 16:50, just ten minutes until Julie finished, so I made my way back to the cafe, arriving just as she was walking out of the front door, glancing at her watch as she did.
“Julie sorry I’m a bit late,” I called out as she looked around.
“Thought you’d stood me up Darren,” she replied a slight smile crossing her lips.
“As if I would,” I replied. “Even found out where Tranzformation actually is as well.”
“Where because that seems to be a real secret?” Julie asked.
“Let’s get back to mine first and I’ll show you the advert,” I aid. “Then if you want we can head out there and take a look together.
“We could do I guess,” she said. “Unless something else comes up.”
“Fair enough,” I said. “Let’s go then.”
We began the walk back to mine, chatting about the club, the shop and the strange goings on that I was experiencing, things that Julie hadn’t endured at all. She told me that ever since some girl gave her the leaflet for the grand opening she hadn’t seen, or heard, anything else at all.
“If that’s the case why am I going through all these weird happening?”
“Are you sure you aren’t just imagining a lot of them,” Julie said. “And your subconscious isn’t just filling in gaps for you.”
“It can’t be that,” I replied. “Everything I have told you has definitely happened to me.”
“I’m not saying it hasn’t Darren,” Julie said. “But you’ve got to admit things for you have definitely been strange, it’s like the club itself is desperate to make sure you go.”
“Now you’re just being daft,” I replied. “How could an inanimate object dictate what happens in my life?”
“Then it must be your subconscious telling you it’s about time you started going out more often,” she said. “When did you last have a night out?”
“You know something I don’t actually remember,” I said. “It has been a fucking long time though.”
The rest of the walk home was done in silence, my mind racing even more. Eventually though we arrived at mine and, after unlocking the door, I led her into the front room, and booted up my PC.
“Fancy a coffee while you’re here?” I asked.
“Thanks one sugar please,” she replied.
“Please sit down I won’t be a minute.”
I left Julie in the front room while I went and made the coffee and, by the time I had done them the PC was ready.
“Here you go,” I said handing Julie one of the cups. “Now let me show you this advert.”
Carefully, and slowly, I typed the club’s name into the search bar and hit enter. Once again the screen went black and, once again the search engine came up blank. What the fuck is going on I thought to myself. I know there was an advert there before.
“Maybe there was an advert but they removed it,” Julie said sounding sympathetic.
“Why would they do that though?” I asked her. “Surely advertising would get more people to turn up.”
“Maybe it wasa limited time advert then,” she said. “Maybe they don’t want the place absolutely heaving for the first night, maybe it’s like a trial opening and there are only a select few going.”
“That does actually sound like a more plausible idea,” I said “Why didn’t I think of that?”
“Probably because you are reading too much into what you have seen,” Julie said. “Why don’t you just forget about it for now, and wait until tomorrow night.”
“Guess you could be right,” I said sitting on the sofa next to her. “So do you fancy going out to the airfield to get a sneak look?”
“I just said leave it,” Julie said rolling her eyes at my inability to let it go.
“Okay I will I swear,” I said talking a mouthful from my cup.
“That’s better,” Julie said sliding across the sofa closer to me. “Besides I can think of better ways to spend the evening.”


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An Open Book said...

very good the way you lead in with how he feels bad about Julie buying him clothes- makes the character human with real feelings- great job