Monday, 7 November 2011




As thunder raged in the sky and lightning lit up the darkness so it came to pass. The date was October 4th 1968, the place was Loughborough General Hospital and the event was the birth of Julez S Morbius, or more correctly Julian Spong.
Since that day, 43 years, 4 weeks and 6 days ago, Julez S morbius has been through a multitude of events that would break and destroy any mere mortal.
At just four years old, and just before starting school, an operation was required to correct the act that Julez walked on the very point of his toes, an operation that was repeated just three short years later due to the first one failing.
In 1981 Julez, who had begun to show signs of psychological problems, left his home to live in a children’s home for children with the same problems, only seeing his family once a week. The stay at the home lasted until just before his 17th birthday when he was expelled from school due to poor attitude and non attendance, the very reason he went to the home in the first place.
Leaving the home was a big wrench for Julez, who returned to the family home and began his adult life finding a job as a trainee butcher, a job that lasted for one whole year, until a disagreement with management made his position untenable.
For 18 months Julez drifted out of work unable to find anything until one day, more by accident than design, he found himself employed by yet another butcher, where he worked for 4 years, and where he also met his first fiancée. Happy in the relationship the coupe moved in together and Jules’ fiancée became pregnant, and the first cracks in the relationship began to show, culminating in the 2 of them splitting before the child was born. Drink followed the split and Julez became an alcoholic and, if it wasn’t for his late father he would probably still be one.
Alone for the next 18 months Julez drifted from one job to another, working in a variety of places that included, a fruit and veg shop, a building site and finally an undertakers, and it was while working at the undertakers that the problems that had began before he even started to go to school returned, and he was signed on to the sick, unable to work.
Depressed and feeling useless Julez once again turned to the bottle but eventually met his, now, ex-wife, gave up the drink and began a new part of his life, that of husband and father. Over the course of the next few years more children arrived, making the total six. Yet with all these children came more relationship problems and Julez’ wife started to sleep around, leaving him at home looking after their children, until the day came when he returned from picking children up from school to find his wife gone.
Dumped and with all the children Julez spiralled out of control violence and drink followed but eventually his wife saw the error of her way and returned, just after their divorce was finalized. Undeterred, and blinded by his own stupidity, Julez remarried the woman he loved, only for her cheating to continue.
Once again she left Julez, with all the children, only this time Julez was stronger and he began to write, something he continues to do to this day as he waits for the release of his first published story Star Search.

There is plenty more of Julez’ life to be spoken of but at this time he is reluctant to share too much, he wants the world to find out where he goes from here themselves.

Rest assured tough Julez S morbius will never be too far away from everyone’s mind.



An Open Book said...

What an open and honest look into your life Julez. I am a very private person and don't share openly in the world with how I became who I am to this day- only those closest to me and the ones I love, do I share my deep secrets.

Dawne P

Robert Wacaster said...

Julez, I do know about drink and feel your pain there. I've also had a woman use me to watch her kids while she cheated on me.

But just like you said, we're past that now. Time to move forward and write for the masses!

Good luck, bro! I'm right with you!

Kellie Kamryn said...

thanks for sharing something so raw and honest. Good for you for being so strong to overcome the things you have. Keep at it!

Pablo Michaels said...

I'm rooting for you Julez. A rough life with rejection builds a strong person and you have done well. Keep writing and prosper with the positive feedback you are receiving.