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The Musings of Morbius: A Book Review

Welcome my Creatures of the Night to The Crypt's very own private library, a place that I retire to when I want some peace and quiet. It is also the place I go to review other authors work and share my findings with everyone else and today I am looking at a book by Aislynn Archer entitled Party of Four.

Welcome to The Musings of Morbius.

About the author

Aislynn Archer is the naughty secret identity of a romance author who lives in Spokane, Washington with three Persian cats and a boa constrictor named Fabio. On the infrequent occasions when she is not writing, Aislynn enjoys skiing, hiking, and trail riding.

Title: Party of Four
Genre: Erotic Romance
Word Count: 26,000
Page Count: 85
Adult Content: High. Warning: this book contains hot f/f, m/m, f/m/m, and m/f/m/f action, bdsm, double penetration, anal sex, strawberries, and the use of a champagne bottle in a manner not recommended by the manufacturer.
Publisher: Private Moments Publishing.
Release Date: November 23rd 2011

Hanna has had one submissive, and he was more than cooperative. Now she’s ready for a challenge.

Cody isn’t a typical bottom. In fact, his dominance is so deeply ingrained that he’s spent his entire adult life as the top in every sexual relationship he’s had. He knows that if he lets go of his control, he’ll have to face a difficult truth about himself. Yet he can’t go on this way, suppressing his shame and his fear, so he agrees to let his best friend’s hot, sweet dominatrix have her way with him. Maybe if he can make himself submit to her, he can get on with his life.

When they inadvertently meet on the way to their encounter, Cody stuns Hanna by dominating her in thirty seconds flat, without even speaking.

Now, even naked, bound, and on his knees before her, he holds the advantage.
Hanna aches to show Cody that she’s the boss. But with her domme mentor (and her well-stocked toy chest) interfering at every step of the way, and Hanna’s first sub needing her attention too, can she take back control and bend Cody to her will the way he needs her to, or is he too much for her to handle?

Christine was wearing full-out dominatrix gear: the black thigh-high boots, panties smaller than the palm of Hanna’s hand—her pussy pulsed at the thought of what waited behind that scrap of leather—and a matching leather bustier that made her want to bury her face in Christine’s breasts and feel their plump perfection against her mouth as John watched them.

Christine’s mouth curled with anticipation. “I’m glad you’re here.” Her voice was a warm purr that did more than hint at the pleasures that were to come—and the attraction they hadn’t acted on in far too long. They were years past the experimental phase in their university days. Experienced enough to appreciate what the other had to offer. Christine stepped forward and kissed Hanna on the mouth.

She reached for Hanna’s hand and raised it up to cup her full breast through the leather bustier. Hanna sucked in a breath and moaned at the feel of her best friend’s tongue exploring her mouth while she explored Christine’s breast. It was so round and soft, yet firm. Though part of her mind wandered toward what the surprise might be, wondered when John would arrive to take part in the fun, she couldn’t resist lifting Christine’s breast from the bustier so she could caress and tweak her nipple. Christine gave a soft gasp that made Hanna moan again. She pulled away, intending to lower her head and press her lips to the soft mound and capture Christine’s nipple with her mouth.

But Christine caught her chin and stopped her. “Not yet.”


Having been asked to review this book I would just like to state that it is in a category I have never read before, and I have also never lived the lifestyle so my knowledge on the subject is limited. However this did not stop me thoroughly enjoying the story immensely.

Called the Party of Four the main focus of this book is two characters really, Hanna and Cody, the others being mainly on the periphery, only called into use when the scene calls for it and yet with enough going on to make them an integral part of the story.

The use of description in each of the main scenes was absolutely spot on. They were described by an author who has clearly taken her time to get to know her subject and, without resorting to excessive vulgarity or use of bad language, she has crafted a tale which cleverly links two separate stories into one, the story of a trainee dominatrix and that of a man, not used to being submissive, tortured by a dark secret from his past.

Although BDSM the descriptions when it comes to the sex acts are written with care and a lovingness towards the subject, never being overly violent but gentle and loving, yet still with enough ass-clenching moments to remind the reader just who the Domme and who the sub is.

Overall I would recommend this book to the reader that likes their BDSM lighter and not as full on as other stories in this genre, and also to anyone that is taking their first steps into the genre. And I would also recommend that people keep an eye on the author as I believe she can, and will, have a big future in erotic literature. 



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