Monday, 21 November 2011

Morbius' Male Masturbation Toy Review

For a while now I have had in my possession something that I have been dying to try, something that I have wanted to do for a long time and, when it came to it, something I was a bit afraid and reluctant to do.


And I am now proud to bring you the first ever:

 Morbius' Male Masturbation Toy Review.


Being of “average” thickness and length I slowly pulled the Tenga deep throat cup down my shaft and found the tightness to be just perfect, not too tight or too loose, and began to masturbate slowly. For a minute or two I enjoyed the feel of the toy as I stroked myself before removing the seal at the top, opening the one-way air suction valve.

With this valve opened the feeling of actually being sucked was immense and by altering the pressure of your finger of the end you can alter the intensity of the sensation.

Thanks to the internal design, which felt remarkably like a real pussy, I was soon reaching my orgasm.

Unfortunately this toy is designed for a single use only and therefore once you ejaculate, that’s it, you’re done and that leads me to think that the price, although cheap for a masturbation sleeve, could be a little lower.

The noise level of this toy all depends on the pressure you put on the air hole at the top, the more you keep the hole covered the louder the ‘sucking’ sound and, depending where you get the urge to use the toy this could prove embarrassing.

Therefore I’d rate it at 3 bees.

The intensity also depends on your ability to control the air flow but on a personal level, as the stimulation and feel of being sucked was no different to what I feel from a real mouth. 

Therefore I would score it at 3 vrooms,

Overall I found this toy to be enjoyable, comfortable and easy to use and would recommend to a newcomer to sex toy usage. For those with more experience I would spend a little extra and get something tighter, and longer.


3.5 out of five stars.


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Vampirique Dezire said...

I was ahmm quite impressed with your review and the fact that you were fairly detailed in how you used it.

Well done sweetheart...
Just one thought though, when you mentioned it was a "one use only" toy,that perhaps it would be better off being aimed at those who buy the gag presents for their mates.

*bites n kisses*