Sunday, 30 October 2011

Short Erotica Sunday featuring Kiki Howell

Following on from the success of last week’s Short Erotica Sunday I am happy to present two short pieces by the wonderful Kiki Howell. Each piece is exactly 100 words long and if anyone would like to comment, why don’t you include a short 100 word flash piece of your own, because at the end of the blog there is a small competition, the first I have ever done.

Sex Spell by Kiki Howell
Word Count: 100

“Kindle the fires within me, as this candle burns.”

She chanted while anointing her nipples with rose oil and sprinkling elder flowers over her stomach.

The earthy scent of her arousal burdened her with desire. To create a talisman, she teased open her folds with a moonstone. Inserting a dual-edged dildo, she let herself be awed by the fullness. Her inner walls clenched. So, when she rubbed the smooth stone over her clit, the trinity of her sex trembled.

“Make him lust for me.” Contractions flooded her body with warmth, powered her spell. “As I will so mote it be.”

The Package by Kiki Howell
Word Count: 100

Her text said, “The package came.”

Several times since, he’d imagined himself naked, bent at the waist with his hands on the floor. Through his spread legs he’d see his hard cock hanging, juxtaposed against the creamy flesh of her thighs and the shiny black of her boots. The baton which was supposed to come with the police officer uniform, she’d wield making the flesh of his ass sting. Eventually, he’d bend her over, push up her short skirt and push his aching erection into her.

Opening the door to his house, he heard, “You’re under arrest.” And, he shivered.

So there we go two excellent short pieces from the amazingly talented Kiki Howell.

Thank you Kiki for taking the time to visit The Crypt and I hope you found your short stay very pleasant.

Now then my Creatures of the Night my challenge to you is simple.

All you have to do is write a 100 word erotic flash fiction piece, leave a contact email, and after one week Kiki Howell, herself, will judge all of the comments/entries and she has kindly offered to donate a prize, to be chosen at the end of the contest, to the one she decides to be the best.

Challenge ends at 23:59:59 on Saturday 5th November

The winner will be notified shortly after this date.




gemma parkes said...

Loved the two shorts by Kiki, especially the second one! mmm! I think l will have a go at this competition Julez, you never know!

Jean said...

Great idea, Julez. If passion strikes me this afternoon, I'll dash off something. What a fun concept!

Karenna Colcroft said...

Because I needed to procrastinate, here's mine... exactly 100 words. And X-rated.

Thunder crashed. Outside, waves pounded against the rocks below the house.
Inside, he pounded into her as she knelt on the bed, her head lowered to the pillow, her ass in the air. She cried out his name as her climax built, and he responded by thrusting harder. The line between pleasure and pain blurred.
Lightning flashed beyond the window, followed by an immediate roll of thunder.
He gripped her hips tightly, too tightly, and pulled her against him in time with his thrusts. An explosion built within her. Words she barely understood escaped her.
Thunder crashed. And she came.

Kellie Kamryn said...

Great shorts, Kiki! No time to do 100 words for this ATM , but I loved Karenna's, too!

vampiremorbius said...

Gemma Parkes kindly sent these 100 words for the Short Erotica Sunday competition.

I can sense you in the room, l know that you are there. I can feel your hot breath against my erect nipple. Take it in your mouth. Suck and nip the pert nub, see how it stands for you? I can feel your tongue, wet and wide, lapping across the pink, excited peak. Untie me; release me from this blindfold so that l can see your face when you choose to enter me. Oh God, is that your cock knocking steadily at my damp entrance? Please take me, push inside, please fill me now, l ache for your body.

2bmechick said...

Ok I gave in here is my exactly 100 word entry!

The first time I saw him my legs instantly turned to jelly. His bright blue eyes, those muscular arms and that brooding brow took me by surprise. I never expected to meet a man like him and I never expected that he would want anything to do with me.

Gently he caressed my bountiful ass before gripping it firmly with his large, strong hand. A guttural growl escaped his chiselled lips as he dragged me towards his awaiting bedroom. My heart pounded in time with my pussy, the anticipation almost overwhelming my shaky steps.

“You’re mine tonight!” He simply said.

Vampirique Dezire said...

Here's mine, bit cheesy but hey it's 100 words lol

Eyes smoldering she looks at him as he turned her around. Lifting her chin up, he brings his lips down to hers, moving them sensually along hers, his tongue running along the slightly parted fullness of her lips. Pressing herself against him, she feels his hardness against her stomach. Moaning into kiss, he plunders the insides of her mouth, the kiss grew deeper, more intense. Slipping his hand down onto her breast, he feels her nipple standing out rock hard. Brushing it with the inside of his palm, making her groan while they continued kissing, desperate to make love now!

Kiki Howell - Author said...

All four entries were great - hot! I want to thank you all for taking up the challenge.

And, say congrats to the winner, Karenna - her addition of the storm really brought in a lot of setting along with the erotic moment into such a small amount of words.

On behalf of Julez and myself, again, thank you everyone who stopped by!