Monday, 3 October 2011

New m/m romance...I hope

Opposites attract??????

I want this to be a new m/m romance but the title I'm not sure of, hence the ??????.

As soon as I saw him I knew I wanted to have him. He was in the park just lying on the grass enjoying the sun, his muscular bronzed torso glistening with droplets of sweat, the bulge in his tight denim shorts causing my own bulge to stiffen.
Sitting on one of the benches not too far away from him I couldn’t help but stare at this wonderfully gorgeous Adonis, and think about all the things I would like him to do to me, but as I continued to stare he sat up and looked directly across to where I was sitting, before standing up.
I swallowed as he pointed in my direction, and wondered if he had caught me spying on him. Slowly he began to walk in my direction and I wished I hadn’t made my staring quite so obvious.
Closer and closer he came and I felt my hands become clammy with sweat, if he was pissed off with me, and he did start something, I knew I wouldn’t be able to match up to him in the strength department. Compared to his god-like physique I felt like the ultimate nine stone weakling, the one that had sand kicked into his face by the bully at the beach, not that there was anything wrong with my physique, just it was nothing like his whatsoever.
Our differences couldn’t have been any greater, I was the bad boy biker type and looked and dressed the part, normally wearing jeans and sleeveless tops, where he looked to be the bronzed surfer dude. I could imagine him out with his mates, down by the beach, surrounded by big breasted girls in micro bikinis, drinking and surfing during the day, and fucking the girls every night.
Thinking like that there wasn’t that much difference in our lifestyles after all, I hung with my mates, and their girls, we drank, hung about but at night I didn’t go off with any of the girls, I went off alone.
None of my mates knew the truth about my lifestyle when I wasn’t with them, they didn’t know I went to gay bars and often went home with a different guy every night, hell most of them didn’t even know I was gay, or at least I didn’t think they knew as my sexually, and refusal to take any of the girls home, had never been questioned.
Lowering my head as he got closer, trying to make out I hadn’t been staring I glanced and saw he had stopped not more than two feet away. Lifting my head, deciding that if anything was going to happen it would be better to get it over with, I was relieved when he shouted to a couple of people throwing a Frisbee behind me.
Relaxing I leant back on the bench and caught sight of his face properly, for the first time. His smooth, clean shaven jaw was perfectly shaped and his eyes were a deep, almost hypnotic blue, and I was hypnotized.
As he stepped past the bench I turned my head slightly to look at his muscular thighs, wondering what it would be like to be between them as we fucked wildly like animals and as I did I could feel his eyes boring into me. Lifting my head I saw a slight smile form across his lips and he winked at me, before continuing past the bench towards his Frisbee throwing friends.
The wink sent flutters through my body, down to my crotch area, and I felt my cock begin to swell. Hurriedly I stood and began to walk away, when the Frisbee that Adonis and his friends were throwing landed just in front of me, at my feet.
“Here mate chuck it back,” came a shout from behind me.
Doing as I was asked I bent, picked it up, turned and threw all in one smooth motion.
“There you go,” I called back.
“Cheers mate,” one of the three called back.
Turning to continue on my way another voice called out.
“Hey if you’re not up to anything why don’t you join us?”
Once again I turned around to see the Adonis I had been staring at, standing, waving his arms and beckoning me over. It was true I wasn’t up to anything, not until later when I was supposed to meet my friends, so I thought what the hell and wandered over to the three of them.
“Hiya I’m Marcus,” the Adonis said. “The other two are Kyle and Shaun.”
“Hi I’m Kev,” I replied. “Good to meet you all.”
“Good to meet you as well,” the three of them said in unison.
For the next couple of hours we laughed and joked, like the four of us had known each other for years, and I even agreed to meet them for a drink a couple of nights later but with time getting on I threw the Frisbee towards Marcus.
“Sorry I got somewhere to be,” I shouted so they could all hear me.
“What better than here?” Kyle asked jokingly.
“To be honest I doubt it,” I replied.
“So why don’t you stay then?” Shaun piped up.
“I wish I could but it’s a prior arrangement.”
I turned to walk away, telling them I’d see them again when we went for a drink, and as I did I heard footsteps running towards me. Turning back to see who was running all I saw was Marcus flying through the air towards me.
Before I could avoid the collision the two of us were in a heap on the floor, Marcus straddling me and looking down.
“What the fuck?” I said struggling under him. “Get off me Marcus.”
“Calm down Kev,” he said. “Just wanted to find out what could be more fun than coming down to the beach with us later.”
“Just got some mates to meet that’s all,” I said giving up struggling.
“And those mates are more fun than us are they?”
“I never said that,” I said. “It’s just that I’ve known them years and only met you three a few hours ago.”
The truth was the longer he straddled me the more I wanted to be with him, and him alone. I knew I was being stupid, I didn’t even know if he was gay, there was just something about his clean cut yet rugged looks that I really wanted.
“I’m only messing with you,” Marcus said as he went to stand up.
I was too quick for him though and, as his weighted shifted, I gripped his arms and rolled to the side, ending up on top of him.
“And next time you wrestle me to the ground make sure I stay there,” I said before bursting out laughing.
“That was good,” Marcus said. “No-one’s ever managed to roll me before.”
“There’s a first time for everything,” I said as I stared down at him. “And I do mean anything.”
As soon as I had finished talking I jumped to my feet not giving him a chance to get back on top of me, even though that was exactly where I wanted him, and offered him my hand.
“Come on get up,” I said.
Marcus reached for my hand and I took it, firmly, in my own and pulled him up. As I did he stumbled forward and, out of nothing more than a reaction, I wrapped my arms around him to stop him falling forward. For a second, maybe two, we stared into each other’s eyes before we both quickly let go.
“Go on Kev we’ll see you in a couple of days,” Marcus said eventually. “Unless you change your mind later of course.”
He then winked and turned away, leaving me standing there, wondering if I should just change my mind and go with Kyle, Shaun and him or stick to my original plans.


Vampirique Dezire said...

I wanna know what happens *pouts*

Cassandre Dayne said...

I'm very proud of you! :) Just what I was talking about love.

An Open Book said...

What an incredible build of characters and plot. Very well thought out and I admire how the main duo respond. Also love the tension you created but didn't act upon too hastily with sex being the main objective

Naughty Nights Press (NNP); Mistress Journals said...

Ohhhh, damn don't stop there! I wanna see if Marcus is into Kev. I'm willing to bet two things, that he is and that I see this manuscript slide across my desk in a few months! ;)

Pablo Michaels said...

Exciting interaction with the characters mainly Adonis and Kev. You struck at the very heart of macho that gay men love.

Rawiya said...

I wanna know too!

I love the characters. I can see whats happening in my head already. :D

Fab job

gemma parkes said...

That's an excellent beginning Julez, loved the build up of the characters!