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Interview from The Crypt: Kathleen King Grieve


Welcome once again fellow creatures of the night, and thank you joining me for today's feast. Our delightful victim, I mean visitor, today is the very talented Kathleen King Grieve.  

First of all I would just like to say welcome to The Crypt Kathleen and thank you for stopping by today.

Thank you for inviting me here today.

So Kathleen why don’t you introduce yourself to my creatures of the night and tell us a little about yourself.

Well, let’s see.  I’m a critical care nurse with intensive care, cardiovascular intensive care, and post anaesthesia care experience.  I graduated from the University of Nebraska Medical Center with my BSN in 1994, but was born and raised in California.  I write medical/paranormal romances and currently have two books published and several in progress.

When did you first begin to write? Was there a specific moment or did something happen to make you think ‘I could be a writer’?

Just as with many writers, I’ve always written.  Actually majored in journalism in college and was talked in to being a nurse instead.  J

What are you currently working on? Would you mind giving the readers a quick synopsis in 100 words or less?

Currently, I have a split personality in progress as I’m writing four books right now.  The 2nd novel in my Dating Series, Dating Impossible is at the top of my priority list. And the final novel in that series, Dating Trouble is in the planning stages.  But here are 3 other works in progress. 

LOGLINE:  A Lonely emergency room doctor in search of love challenges a colleague in a game of love.

My first attempt at writing an erotica is my paranormal Phoenix Story, From Lust To Ashes.
LOGLINE: A Femme Fatale agent seduces a former navy seal scientist turned recluse after he'd been betrayed by his country to join her in the fight to save the nation's water supply from terrorist contamination by a deadly bacteria.

Next is a paranormal medical romance, Heart & Soul.
LOGLINE: A loveable matchmaking ghost pulls out all the stops to ensure his son’s happiness after a tragic loss.

 Where do you draw your inspiration for your stories, characters and settings?

From my imagination and my work.  They always say, “write what you know” and I know medical.  When people suffer so much pain and sorrow and you deal with death and dying—it’s a creative outlet I have needed to help heal my own heart.

Is there one particular genre you prefer writing in and is there a genre you would never attempt and if so why?

Gosh, I’ve never thought about this before.  Of course, I’m most comfortable in my own genre of medical romance, but I don’t think it is realistic to say I would “never do ----“.  It would be too self limiting. 

If you weren’t a writer/ couldn’t write anymore what would you do?

I guess I would do all those things I’ve been putting off because I don’t have time for—Like my Masters Degree in Nursing (Nursing school sucked the first time around, so I’ve been reluctant to go back!) and getting my CCRN certification (Critical Care RN) which is an extremely hard test that requires a lot of studying—time I just don’t have.

If you could become a member of the opposite sex for 24 hours what would be the first thing you would do?

Ha!  What a fun question.  I’d go pick up chicks!!!  That would be hilarious!

Which fantasy creature/being do you like the most?

I like shifters. 

If you could be your favourite fantasy figure what would be the first thing you would do?

A shifter of course!  I would love to be able to change into anything!

What scares you the most?

Anything deeply disturbing.  Does that even make sense?

Favourite film?

I have so many of them, but I love sci-fi and action adventure flicks.

Worst film you have ever seen?

I know I’ve seen some bad ones, but nothing comes to mind at the moment

Favourite book?

Oh, no!  I can’t name just one! J

When you go shopping what is the one thing that you always HAVE to buy?

Chocolate! When I’m in Omaha with my kids, we always stop by The Chocolate Factory to get there specialty caramel apples!  There’s one called “Apple Pie” that is to die for!

Going back to favourite film write an erotic scene featuring the main characters in 100 words or less.

Oh! Mine would definitely include myself and James Bond 007! LOL Top Secret moves!

And finally, just for a light hearted end to the interview.

What words would you want etched on your tombstone ?


Thank you for joining me today and I would like to wish you all the best in future endeavours.

Thank you!  This was fun!


     Emergency room nurse, Roxanne Carter is a loser-magnet wishing she could enjoy her single life. Commiserating with girlfriends over  butterscotch martinis creates the idea of The Dating Manifesto--a not so scientific research project which promises to point the way to dating success.  While gathering data to find the most suitable single men available, she wades through a series of unsavory, stale dates, which literally places her back at ground zero.  Just when she is ready to give up, sin personified in the form of sexy firefighter Jett Avery, arrives tainting all of her previous data.
     A traumatic warehouse fire, in which firefighter Jett Avery's closest friend dies, has him suffering from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.  Attempting to stave off the worst of his depression, he decides to use his brand of therapy...Sex. The remedy has lost luster until he encounters ER nurse Roxanne Carter.
     The pursuit of Roxanne by Jett's twin brother, Doctor Cruz Avery, complicates her research and interferes with Jett's therapy.  Does Roxanne choose the brother who by analysis is the perfect match? Or the broken, dark and irresistible one?


            She held up her hands, palms facing toward him.  “Stop.  This is a hospital.  Not some stupid television show where the medical staff is always making out in a closet.  I work here.  Don’t even think about it!”
            Jett closed the distance between them until her hands pressed against his chest, searing their imprint through the thin cotton of his T-shirt.  He grasped her fingers and lifted them to his mouth, licking the sensitive tips with his tongue one by one.  Heat filled her eyes and she trembled. 
            “You feel the pull, too.  Don’t you?” he asked, dropping her hand. 
            Jett slid his hands to her waist, and molded her against his erection.  A perfect fit.  Her sharp intake of breath as she shook her head told him all he needed to know.  He smiled.  Satisfaction filled him. 
            “Liar.  Shake your head in denial all you want, but I can see the reflection mirrored in your eyes, and feel the powerful draw when I touch you,” he said in a husky tone.  He rubbed his stiff cock against her stomach.  The intensity of his desire eliminated all reason. 
            Jett buried his face in her neck and breathed in her sweetness.  “Hmm.  Today you smell like chocolate.”  His tongue traced the delicate shell of her ear as his hands stroked her bare arms.  “But you taste like honey.”
            Her knees bent and he placed his leg between hers to support her.  On the brink of total insanity, he continued his light exploration.  His hand skimmed her torso, and skirted the side of her breast.  With slow, deliberate care, he let his fingertips graze her collarbone on the way to grasp the back of her neck.  Another tremor rippled through her.
            God, she felt so damn good.
            She tilted her chin and her head rested in his open palm.  “Jett,” her sultry voice caused his penis to throb.  “This is not a good idea.  Anyone could come in here and….” 
            He pushed his thigh against her crotch.  She inhaled sharply, desire deepening the blue of her eyes.  “You were saying?”
            Her brow furrowed.  “And…”
            “Intoxicating being a little naughty, isn’t it?” he rasped.  He gently tugged her face closer to his.  “Hmm.  I believe you mentioned the other night that your most recent sexual exploits have been lacking.  Let’s add something of interest for your science venture.”

AVAILABLE at Evernight Publishing October 12, 2011-10-05  www.evernightpublishing.com




Ray Sostre said...

What a COOL interview! Not only that, Kathleen Kreig is a cool author. I like her style and she is very interesting.

Great work Julez.

Ray Sostre said...

I must be dyslexic or something. Forgive me, I meant Kathleen Grieve. Plus, her excerpt is NICE!

An Open Book said...

Damn straight you're one hell of a woman Kathleen- loved the interview. Watching for book to be added to one of my review sites *wink* would love to read it


Anonymous said...

HOT HOT!! TBB! Great interview & love the cover.

Kathleen Grieve said...

Thanks so much for your kind comments! I'm really excited for this book! It's a little edgier than my last one. Ray...You must've had one too many with us on fb the other night! LOL. And Dawne, I'm flattered you want to read and review my book. That means the world to me!

Adonis Devereux said...

Great interview and hot excerpt!

Lorraine said...

Terrific interview! Loved the excerpt!