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Sex and the Single Male pt 9 (1)

Sex and the Single Male pt 9 (1)
Sex toys for the lover of transsexuals.

For the ninth part of my blog series on sex toys I thought I would look at something a little different, and return to more affordable sex dolls in part 10.
For those that know me or have read any of my writing you will know that most of my stories revolve around transsexual women and that led me to think about what toys there are available for men, and indeed women, who preferred or would like to experience the third sex.
Returning to to see what items they stocked or such people I found a few items that I think you may enjoy, and because of the range I am breaking this blog into two parts.

Mia Isabella Realistic Ride Transsexual Sex Doll
Mia Isabella is one of the hottest TS girls in porn. With sensational tits, a red-hot penetrable mouth and a big, hard cock ready to shaft you, you can fulfill all of your transexual fantasies with this incredible TS sex doll in real-feel flesh.
Teaming Mia's three most sexy parts, her pouty lips, her big round tits and her sensational dick, this triple masturbator allows you to have the full Isabella experience in one go.
Made from superior realistic material, this sensational masturbator is so incredibly lifelike you won't be able to resist touching, stroking and fondling its fleshy texture and soft, silky skin.
Every detail is expertly captured and was moulded directly from Mia Isabella's body. Once cast, the masturbator is then hand-painted to create the most realistic interpretation of her body possible.
This masturbator can be used in a variety of ways. Enjoy playing with her 9 inch long and 5.5 inch girth cock and balls. Flushed with excitement, you'll love sucking, tugging and sitting on its full length.
Slide yourself between her beautifully-bouncy boobs. Perfectly round and squeezable, they really are a perfect pair. Her nipples are pert and so squeezable, lickable and just asking for a nibble.
Mia's mouth is beautifully pouty with parted lips. Sitting just above her perfect breasts, she invites you into a 0.25 inch entry leading to a 4 inch deep tunnel detailed with thick ribbing that promises to massage you into ecstasy.
Once you've explored Mia's beautiful parts separately, prepare yourself for the ultimate sensation. Lower yourself down onto her thick, hard cock and slide between her tits and into her mouth for an unbeatable sexual experience. You'll feel intensely satisfied inside and out by this unique and intense masturbator.
The whole unit is mounted on a flat base with a hole that leads to the mouth canal for easy cleaning. Use an antibacterial sex toy cleaner to thoroughly cleanse and use a renewer powder after drying to keep the flesh-like material in pristine condition.
Mia comes with a tube of toy cleaner, a tube of water-based lubricant and a tube of erection cream to ensure you have the best possible first time with this stunning TS girl.
How it measures up
·         Colour: Flesh
·         Opening style: Vagina & Mouth
·         Canal diameter: 0.25 inches
·         Internal length: 4 inches
How it feels
·         Texture: Textured
·         Material: Realistic Feel
·         Does not contain latex
·         Does not contain phthalates
·         Waterproof? Submersible

Mia Isabella’s Fantasy Transsexual Blow-Up Sex Doll
Indulge all of your trannie fantasies with this sensational blow-up doll cast in the gorgeous Mia Isabella's form. With her trademark boobs, meaty 6 inch (penetrable length) cock and a 5 inch deep ass to enjoy, you won't know where to start.
Made from seamed PVC with a moulded face that captures Mia Isabella's features beautifully (without as much less make-up on them), this gorgeous blow-up doll really translates Mia's unique look. With flowing brown hair reaching to her shoulders, this sex doll offers a realistic interpretation of Mia Isabella that you'll love.
The slender frame of Mia's transexual blow-up doll boasts some impressive breasts. Moulded in the style of Mia's own rack, they're rounded and pert with tweakable nipples. Ideal for caressing from behind and squeezing from the front.
Her tight anus measures 5 inches in depth with a tight opening of 1 inch in diameter. Formed from seamed PVC, you can use a pocket anal masturbator to enhance the hole or add lashings of lube and enjoy her bare. Whatever your transexual fantasies, you'll find it easy to fulfill them with this sexy doll.
A middle-range sex doll that provides a realistic platform for TS sex games including anal sex and penis penetration.
Height: 5' 5" feet
Bust: 35 inches
Waist: 25 inches
Hip: 32 inches
Penis: 6 inches insertable / 6.15 inches girth
Anus: 5 inches deep / 1 inch diameter
Mia Isabella does not come with an air pump but can be inflated by a good pair of lungs.
How it measures up
·         Colour: Flesh
·         Opening style: Butt
·         Canal diameter: 1 inches
·         Internal length: 5 inches
How it feels
·         Texture: Smooth
·         Material: PVC
·         Waterproof? Splashproof

Mia Isabella’s Transsexual Realistic Sex Doll with Cock and Balls
Get the most lifelike Mia Isabella experience with this deluxe realistic sex doll. From her beautifully-crafted face and hair to her dainty toes and her thick, juicy cock, this transexual love doll is everything you want in a woman... and more.
This PVC inflatable love doll features specially-moulded parts cast directly from Mia Isabella's sensational body. Everything from her gorgeous face to her dainty toes and hands have been cast to create a sexy replica for you to enjoy any time you like.
Her head is perfectly moulded to capture Mia Isabella's unique balance between masculine and feminine. With curvy cheekbones and a strong-yet-delicate jawline, this doll is every bit as beautiful as the real Mia. Detailed with soft, pouty lips, real eyelashes and flowing brown hair that's cut in her famous layered style.
Mia's body is made from seamed PVC with clever pivoted arms to help you get her into position. Her breasts are big and pert with realistic UR3 nipples that can be licked, nibbled and tweaked during play.
Take her from behind in her 6 inch deep ass or lay her on her back with her arms overhead to enjoy her 7.5 inch long and 6 inch thick cock. The pivoted shoulders make her much more versatile and easier to position than most sex dolls.
Mia's cock and balls are a permanently fixed dildo made from UR3, an ultra-realistic material that closely mimics real skin and flesh. Soft to the touch and hard to the grip, you'll love stroking, sucking and thrusting against her meaty cock. Measuring up at 7.5 inches overall, it has 6.5 inches of insertable length.
Mia's ass measures up at 6 inches deep with a 0.75 inch wide opening. Even the anus has been cast from Mia Isabella's body and replicated in smooth and soft UR3. The opening leads to a canal detailed with dozens of tiny UR3 nodules that caress you with every stroke for an intensely pleasurable penetration.
Mia comes with a foot pump, puncture repair kit, storage bag and a sample of renewer powder to keep her UR3 bits in pristine condition.
Height: 5 foot 3 inches
Cock length: 7.5 inches
Cock thickness: 6 inches
Ass depth: 6 inches
Ass diameter: 0.75 inches
How it measures up
·         Length: 7.5 inches
·         Insertable: 6.5 inches
·         Circumference: 6 inches
·         Diameter: 1.9 inches
·         Internal diameter: 0.75 inches
·         Internal length: 6 inches
How it feels
·         Material: Realistic Feel (UR3)
·         Flexibility: Flexible
·         Colour: Flesh
·         Waterproof? Splashproof
·         Does not contain latex
·         Does not contain phthalates

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An Open Book said...

Very interesting and intriguing set-up I must admit.

My glory of reading your blogs/reviews comes from your descriptive writing. Exceptionally written and unbiased- love reviews like this.

As for men and their sexuality- in my mind, men are blatant with their sex talk with the guys but in reality, they are inverted about truly expressing their needs. They can do the dirty talk and have the locker room trash talk, but very few can admit to needed sexual release in such an open way that is acceptable by society.

These types of reviews and explanational blogs are great for men to see. Applauding you Julez for another job well done.
Dawne P