Monday 7 August 2023

I'm trying

 I've actually tried to start writing again, and here's what I've produced so far.

Opening the bedroom curtains I stood in just my boxer shorts, as I’d just dragged my carcass out of bed and hadn’t bothered to get dressed yet, stared outside, and wasn’t the least bit surprised when I saw the sky was as black as ink, and it was absolutely pissing it down with rain. Watching as the rainwater rushed towards the junction at the bottom of the road like a fast-moving river I could only hope that, as the day went on, the skies would brighten, and the rain would eventually stop.

Then again I could have guessed that the weather would be awful as I was supposed to be going on my first date in over six months, and the place I was supposed to be meeting the most beautiful woman I had ever set my eyes on wasn’t anywhere as simple as a café, restaurant of cinema, or even the only place we had ever seen each other, which was the town’s nightclub, but then Isabelle was the total opposite of any woman I had ever dated in my life.

She was pale skinned, had a few tattoos, long, jet black, hair, emerald-coloured eyes and was at a guess a size fourteen to sixteen, not that size mattered to me. She also always wore dark-coloured clothing and had insisted that, if she was going to let me see her away from the club, our first date would start in the one place I would never have expected to be high on a list of anyone's first dates, the cemetery.

I had tried to talk her out of it, as the cemetery was one of my most hated places in the world to be in. In fact I had only ever been in three in my whole life and that was only because of family funerals, and even then I had left them as soon as I could, but Isabelle had insisted, as she had said that when she wasn’t clubbing she preferred the peace and quiet and so the last time I saw her, three nights earlier, she had told me the date and time to be there and I either did as she asked or I would never see her again, and that was something that I wasn’t prepared to let happen. 

Sunday 30 January 2022

SALE: Starting January 31st

Starting on January 31st for FIVE DAYS ONLY, both Star Search and Addicted to Charlie will be available for only 99c/99p

Both of these books are tales of love and romance between a man and a transgender female, which I wrote a long time ago because I was sick of seeing transgender stories where the trans person was used as nothing more than a fetish/object.

Transgender people deserve love and happiness, just like everybody else and they deserve to be treated as equals.

#StopTransphobia #equalityforall

Friday 21 January 2022

Monday 16 August 2021

An introduction to For the love of Leon


    Leon wanted the same thing everyone else wants: a loving relationship lasting beyond a few weeks. All he’d ever been able to find, however, was a few weeks hot on sex but cold on romance. The day he walks into the local pub and sees a newcomer sitting by the window, he hopes his luck is about to change.
    As he and Simon spend time together, Leon realizes not everything is as perfect as he’d thought it would be. Experiencing love also means experiencing the ups and downs of a new relationship.
    When Simon tells Leon they need to talk, Leon is forced to wonder... is he going to be unlucky in love yet again?


Sitting in the park enjoying the scorching sun, my attention was drawn to the couples there. Lying around, walking hand in hand, they were everywhere. I found myself wishing life had been kind enough to grant me a relationship like theirs. It wasn’t as though I hadn’t tried to have something like that in my life. I’d done everything to find the right person and settle down. But they had all been meaningless, intense passion and nothing else, fizzling out after months, sometimes weeks. Try as I might, no one I had ever met seemed to want to commit to a long-term relationship. Don’t get me wrong, the sex was fucking great, always the star of a relationship, but some nights I would have liked someone to go out with. A meal, the cinema, or even a concert, and then home like a loving couple. Someone who didn’t just want to fuck, but someone who liked to kiss and cuddle, someone to wake up with and make breakfast for.

Just watching the crowds started to get me down and I stood up, making my way out of the park, aimlessly wandering to anywhere I didn’t have to stare at all the happiness around me. Staring in shop windows at fancy designer gear I could easily afford, but had no reason to own, pissed me off even more. I made my way to a small bar by the river I knew wouldn’t be over-crowded with more couples.

Once there, I ordered a pint and sat outside by the river’s edge, just watching the barges trundle by and the handful of fisherman desperately trying to outdo each other with their catches. Smiling to myself, I felt a lot more relaxed than I had at the park and as the afternoon drew toward evening, I started to think about the long walk back through town to my apartment. I knew I couldn’t put it off, even though I would happily have stayed where I was, watching the world drift by forever. I drained my glass and headed back into the bar. As I leaned over to set my empty pint on the counter, I saw him, sitting alone by one of the windows. Suddenly leaving seemed like the last thing I wanted to do. I situated myself on a barstool, ordered a coke, and tried not to look like I was watching him, only glancing over every now and again.

An introduction to From Russia with lust


What could be better to get over a heartbreak than the distraction of two beautiful women?

After catching his long-time partner in bed with a close friend, Gareth Cross takes a job thousands of miles away from home at a finishing school for ladies. In Moscow, where he is teaching the English language to the young women, he finds time to get over his heartbreak with the help of not just one, but two of his students.

This is a steamy hot tale of a lonely man, alone in a foreign country, experiencing a menage-a-trois and lesbian sex.


“Excuse me Sir.”

Lifting my head, I scanned the room, looking for the owner of the voice and saw a hand raised ever so slightly into the air.

“Yes...Elena.” I answered, once I had finally remembered the name that went with the face.

I had only been teaching here for six weeks, an opportunity that I had grabbed with both hands the minute it had become available, and the names of some of the students were still difficult for me to remember, let alone say, but I was slowly getting there. I was just grateful that most of the students were in their fourth year of English and had a better grasp of my language than I did theirs.

“Have a minute, please?” Elena asked shyly, glancing at her classmates as they all turned to stare at her, one or two of the other females in the class starting to smile.

Dropping my pen onto the desk, I pushed my chair back, stood up and made my way to the back of the class where she was sitting.

“What seems to be the problem, Elena?” I asked glancing down at her, getting a perfect view of her cleavage underneath the low cut top she was wearing.

“I'm not understanding.”

Quickly I lifted my gaze and moved around to her side, squatting down so I was level with her and asked her to explain what she was finding so difficult, as best as she could and slowly so I could understand her.

As she spoke, she leaned back in her chair, the tight top clinging to her body, accentuating her large breasts and slightly erect nipples. If I didn't know any better, I would have said she was flirting with me but, quickly pushing the thought out of my head, I tried to explain that as I was new to them, and them to me, I had thought a brief autobiographical piece about each of them would help me get to know them quicker.

“Okay, I understand,” Elena finally said as I finished explaining and stood back up.

As I walked back to the front of the class, totally unaware of the looks I was receiving from Elena and a couple of her friends, I glanced up at the clock.

An introduction to Lust of the vampires


Within the cover of this book comes four short tales combining a mixture of lust, passion, fear, sex, and the mystery you have come to expect with vampires. Be enthralled as each story introduces a new vampire, and their prey, to chill your blood and raise your temperature with each sinful situation.

Find out what happens when Damon leaves his sanctuary, his only intention to satisfy his hunger, or when Trent goes out in search of victims to create a new family to replace the one slaughtered by vampire hunters. Meet Paul, who bites off more than he can chew when he takes an older woman home for a night of rampant sex, and finally Reid, whose only concern is for the safety of the girl running into the forest, fear etched on her face.

Four tales, four different settings, all full of passion, fear, lust, sex, and above all, vampires.


The moon guided me, yet it was my need that drove me forward. For too long I had slept, and now the hunger gnawed at my very soul, demanding to be satiated. Coming to rest atop the town’s post office building, I inhaled deeply, my senses seeking my next meal before jumping down into the dark alleyway below.

Exiting the alleyway, I walked briskly but carefully through the late night throng of people leaving the clubs and bars, some of them stumbling from too much alcohol and others just eager to get to the safety and softness of their beds. Keeping my head lowered so no one saw my face in the street lights, I soon reached the street entrance my senses brought me to.

Only two of the houses had lights on, and I inhaled deeply once again. Neither of the lighted houses were the ones I sought. That one was slightly back, in the far right corner and in complete darkness.

Moving slowly toward the house, my senses were on full alert lest I should be discovered, but I reached my target unchallenged. With one leap I was outside the window, and as I peered through the gap in the curtains, I could see her. She was beautiful. Through the moonlight shining through her window, I could make out her outline under the thin sheet covering her naked body, and my excitement rose.

For a few minutes I just watched as the sheets rose and fell in time with her slow breathing. Ghosting into the room and appearing at the foot of her bed, I stood silently, just looking down at her. I licked my lips before moving around the side of the bed until I was standing level with her head.

Normally I was in and out quickly, but there was something about this one that caused me to linger.

An introduction to Opposites attract


Is the bronzed Adonis out of this biker's league?

Kevin 'Kev' Maloney knew he was in love the day he first glimpsed the bronzed Adonis. A bleached blond, heavily tanned surfer, Marcus had to be out of Kev's league, right? What would a man like him want with a heavily tattooed, long-haired biker?

With two totally different lifestyles, and circles of friends, would Kev be able to find happiness with Marcus, someone who was the opposite of him, or would the phrase 'opposites attract' be nothing more than a fantasy that would never happen?


As soon as I saw him, I knew I wanted to have him. He was in the park just lying on the grass enjoying the sun. His muscular, bronzed torso glistened with droplets of sweat, the noticeable bulge in his tight, denim shorts causing my own cock to stiffen.

Sitting on one of the benches not too far away from him, I couldn’t help but stare at this wonderfully gorgeous Adonis, and think about all the things I would like him to do to me. But as I continued to stare, he sat up, and looked directly across to where I was sitting, before standing up.

I swallowed as he pointed in my direction, and wondered if he had caught me watching him. Slowly he began to walk in my direction, and I wished I hadn’t made my staring quite so obvious.

Closer and closer he came, and I felt my hands becoming clammy with sweat. If he was pissed off with me, and started something, I knew I wouldn’t be able to match up to him in the strength department. Compared to his god-like physique, I felt like the ultimate nine stone weakling, the one who had sand kicked into his face by the bully at the beach. Not that there was anything wrong with my physique, just it was nothing like his whatsoever.

Our differences couldn’t have been any greater, I was the bad boy biker type and looked and dressed the part, normally wearing jeans and sleeveless tops, where he looked to be the bronzed surfer dude. I could imagine him out with his mates, down by the beach, surrounded by big-breasted women in micro bikinis, drinking and surfing during the day, and fucking the girls every night.

An introduction to Reunited at a reunion


Victor Pierce, a self-made businessman, is looking forward to going to his college reunion and seeing how his fellow classmates got on in life since the good old days.
What he doesn't expect, is to run into Ian Kraemer, the man he lost his virginity to, and the same man he's thought about almost every day since they lost contact.
What happens when the two men meet up again?
Can they find what they once had, or is their passion for each other long gone?


 Victor Pierce stared at the large double doors of the college and strode forward confidently. Smiling to himself as he thought about the good times that he’d had while he was a nineteen-year-old student, he looked forward to see what the rest of his classmates had made of themselves since leaving.

He would have been surprised, if many people there remembered him; after all he had changed unrecognizably in the ten years since leaving. Gone was the thin, scrawny nerd who took his classes seriously and in his place was a man standing 5’ 9” tall, very muscular, heavily tattooed with pale-brown eyes and short, white-blond hair. He had become a very successful businessman in the last few years due to a mixture of hard work and good fortune. A man, who was now running his own private security firm and had a half a dozen people working for him.

Pushing one of the doors open, he stepped inside, paused, took a deep breath and continued forward to the large hall, where the main reunion was taking place. As Victor reached forward and placed his hand on the handle of the door to the main hall, the other door swung open and a couple he vaguely recognized came through, arm in arm, laughing and joking. For another second or two he paused to regain his composure before opening the door and entering.

Music—the same tunes from the years he was at college—was playing and there were at least thirty people already in the hall. As he walked towards the makeshift bar that had been set up for the night, he looked around trying to see whether he recognized anyone. One or two faces seemed familiar to him. He just couldn’t remember the names, but then he had never been that good with names.

“Alright what would you like?” The man working the bar asked.

“Double Jack Daniels, please,” Victor replied.

The barman handed him his drink and Victor walked towards one of the tables that had been set up around the edge of the room and sat down. Sipping his drink slowly, he continued to look around at everyone in the room. He finally saw someone whose name he could definitely remember. Ian Kraemer was standing on the opposite side of the room and staring straight at him.

An introduction to Room for two


Fulfilling a long-time curiosity about the famous hole in the bathroom wall, Julian meets Marcus and Pete in a most unusual way. The three men head back to Julian's place for more of the same fun.


The night had been dragging on. Although the club was quite busy, like it always was, I hadn’t really seen anybody that had caught my eye. Most of the faces were the regulars who frequented the club, quite a few I already had intimate knowledge of. There just wasn’t that one. The one who would take my breath away, wanting them so badly my cock would throb achingly.

I emptied my glass and headed to the toilets as I needed to piss badly, the drink seemed to have gone through me quicker than usual. Preferring to piss in private, I entered a stall; taking my cock out of my pants before I’d even completely closed the door. Relief washed over me while my bladder emptied. Once I had finished, I turned to leave but stopped as I noticed the hole in the wall.

I had heard of The Hole, as it had been called, and I had heard people talk about how much fun they had with it; tales of cock sucking, jerking off, and anal sex. I had never actually used, or witnessed one being used, in my life.

As I stared at it, I thought of the tales I had heard, and my curiosity began to get the better of me. Bending, I examined the size of the hole and found it would easily accommodate all but the largest of cocks. As I hadn’t heard anybody come into the bathroom, and beginning to get rock hard at the thoughts I was having, I took my semi-hard cock from my trousers again and began to stroke myself to full hardness.

An introduction to Vengeance of a vampire


Who will come out on top, vampire or vampire hunter?

Kurt Hunter is not like other men. Kurt is a vampire and the time to feed is upon him once again. Venturing from the sanctuary of where he lives, Kurt heads into town hoping to find what he needs to satiate his hunger. Initially seeking one person for his pleasure, Kurt meets a couple, Katherine and Thomas, and chooses the two of them.

Katherine has a secret. A secret that threatens to destroy Kurt. Katherine is a vampire hunter and has spent years seeking out and destroying vampires, like Kurt.

Using all his charms on Thomas, Kurt finds out Katherine's dark secret and the race against time is on as the battle between good and evil comes to a head... and there can only be one winner.


Opening the door, I stepped out into the cold, dark night air. Snow lay untouched on the ground, looking like a freshly washed, white duvet. Slowly, I began to walk along where the path normally was, careful not to slip on the treacherous surface, and headed toward the town.

It had been a couple of months since I had ventured out at night. I hadn’t wanted, or needed to, but for too long I had gone without. Gone without the feel of naked skin against mine. Gone without the feeling of being needed, wanted. And gone without the taste and smell that I loved so much. The taste and smell of sex, sweat and, of course, blood.

Being cursed as I was had both its positives and negatives. When the need came it was so easy for me to satiate myself, so easy to find a partner, a lover, a victim. I stood six foot three inches tall, had the body of an Olympic athlete, and the rugged looks of a film star, so finding someone to spend the night with was easy. Man, or woman, it didn’t matter to me just as long as I got what I wanted. What I needed.

An introduction to Addicted to Charlie


    Karl meets and begins to date Charlie, a pre-op transsexual woman.

    Never having been gay in his life, Karl journeys through confusion and lust, experiencing the delights of transsexual sex along the way, before realizing Charlie is the perfect woman for him.


Charlotte, or Charlie as I called her, was the best thing that had ever happened to me. We met one night while I was out clubbing, getting over my third divorce, and we have been inseparable ever since. She was everything I wanted in a woman. When we first met she had been slightly overweight, nothing too drastic, but she had insisted on slimming down for me even though I didn't mind what she looked like. After all, my previous wives had all been – how should I say – curvaceous?

Her body was absolutely perfect. She was five feet, seven inches tall, had an incredible thirty-six C chest and an all-over tan. She had gorgeous brunette hair that draped around her shoulders, finishing halfway down her back. Her teeth sparkled when she smiled as she had never smoked or had any work done on them. Her eyes were a gorgeous green that always seemed to catch the light. Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention that between her legs, where she should have had a neatly trimmed pussy, she had a magnificent eight-inch cock. You see my Charlie was a transsexual, and if anybody had ever said I would have ended up in this kind of relationship I would have laughed.

An introduction to A honeymoon like no other


    Darryl Collins had it all, or so he thought. A beautiful fiancée, a lavish wedding, and honeymoon all booked. Everything was perfect. At least, it was until he found his fiancée and best man in bed together.
    Destroyed by the betrayal of the two people closest to him, all Darryl wanted to do was get away. Packing a suitcase, he headed off on the already paid for honeymoon, alone, intending to forget about everything that had happened and start to rebuild his life. He didn't expect to meet two beautiful, Russian exchange students to help him forget about his troubles.
    Returning home after his incredible "honeymoon" vacation, Darryl can't get the two women out of his mind and is determined to do everything he can to see them again.
    Will Darryl achieve his goal, or would the women he'd fallen for be out of his life forever?


    As the first rays of light filtered into the bedroom, I slowly opened my eyes and turned my head to the left, then right. Seeing the gorgeous faces of Sasha and Elena sleeping peacefully with their arms over my chest, I couldn't believe how my life had turned out.

    Less than twelve months had passed since my life took a turn, for the better as it worked out. I was engaged to be married, the wedding was booked as was the honeymoon and I thought life was perfect. What I didn't know though was that my fiancée wasn't happy, well, not with just one man in her life.

Catching her and the man who I classed as my best friend, the man I'd asked to be my best man, in bed with each other ripped my world apart. I had shelled out thousands for her and the day I caught them almost destroyed me but it was also too late for me to cancel everything and get my money back, meaning I was in debt for nothing.

Nowadays though, as I kissed each of the girls lightly on the forehead, and eased myself out of bed gently every morning, I found myself thanking my ex for giving me a life other men could only dream of, a life where two stunning women were both as eager to please me as I was them, and who had settled into their lives in England better than I could have expected. The three of us had jobs so we didn't see each other during the day, but when night came, and the three of us eased ourselves into the king-size bed I'd had to go out and buy, we made up for our time apart.

Sometimes I think I'm dreaming and keep waiting to wake up all alone, still cursing my ex. However, I am getting ahead of myself here, so sit back and let me tell you the story of how my life ended up as it is now.

Sunday 16 May 2021

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Thursday 29 April 2021

An introduction to Top of the class


Have you ever had a teacher so hot you just couldn’t concentrate on the work? Were you in need of some “special” after-class instruction, perhaps?

Julian’s grades used to be at the top of the class in Psychology, but the new lecturer is the most distracting teacher he's ever encountered. Instead of concentrating on his studies, Julian spends his time in her class dreaming of all the things he wishes he could do with her.

Ms. Hamilton knows why Julian’s work has slumped, and she knows how to help. Keeping him back after class, she dishes out her special brand of punishment, designed to teach him more than just a Psychology lesson.

Only, Ms. Hamilton is hiding a secret; a secret she knows she has to reveal.

What is Ms. Hamilton’s secret? Will Julian’s grades improve?

Find out as Julian begins a journey that reveals as much about him as it does the beautiful, yet mysterious, Ms. Hamilton.


Holding out my hand, I took my latest assignment from Ms Hamilton and stared at the top right-hand corner to see the large red F circled yet again, my fifth F in a row. At this rate I was never going to pass this damn course, yet, I used to be so good at Psychology. I was once the best in the class, but that was under the old lecturer, Mrs Alexander.

Ever since Ms Hamilton took over the running of the course, my grades slowly slipped until they couldn’t get any worse. Ironically, I knew exactly what the problem was. Ms Hamilton. Don’t get me wrong, she was a brilliant lecturer, better even than Mrs Alexander, but she was also the most gorgeous woman I had ever set my eyes on, and therein lay the problem.

Instead of listening to every word she said, I just stared at her beauty. She had long, flame-red and black hair. Her blouses, although generally loose, struggled to contain the most amazing pair of tits that I had never seen; her thin skirts, which ended just above the knee, clung to her perfect ass beautifully. Then there were her gorgeous, long, smooth-looking legs, always covered with stockings, and finally her shoes, four to six-inch heels, perfectly polished and the colour matching whatever outfit she was wearing that particular day.

Her words went in one ear and out the other as I daydreamed about all the things I wanted to do to her. How I wanted to strip her, slowly, before making love to her right there over her desk. How I wished she would drop to her knees in front of me, release my rock-hard cock and give me the blowjob of my life. It was these fantasies that were ruining my chances of finishing all my courses with a perfect score and I quickly needed to do something about it.

Tuesday 27 April 2021

An introduction to The girl in the red bikini


    Single and new to the neighborhood, Michael had yet to meet any of his new neighbors. When he saw one for the first time, he received a shock. Living next door was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

    The only problem was, she wasn’t just a woman. She was a transsexual woman.

    Though he considered himself to be one hundred percent straight, Michael found himself falling for her more and more each time he saw her. With the help of Jazz’s friends, Michael embarks on a relationship, which teaches him Jazz is what he truly wants, no longer caring she’s a transsexual.

    Overcoming his fear of the unknown, Michael journeys through self-discovery, pushing boundaries, and ultimately finding true love.


    The first time I saw her, she was lying in the back garden next door wearing the smallest pair of red bikini panties I had ever seen. The only reason I even looked out of my balcony window was because the sudden pounding music which appeared from out of the blue. It shocked me, but as soon as my eyes saw her, I couldn't move away from the window.

From my vantage point in the bedroom, she looked perfect. She had long black hair, her body slim and slightly tanned. There was a tattoo across the bottom of her back and another on her ankle. Although her entire body was perfect, I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her ass. It was even more perfect, if that was at all possible. It looked firm, shaped beautifully, and her cheeks poked out slightly at the edges. The skin there looked a fraction lighter than the rest of her, which led me to believe she had never sunbathed completely naked.

The figure of beauty lying no more than a hundred feet away from me caused my cock to stiffen rapidly. Being alone and knowing no one could see me, I released it from the confines of my shorts. It had been so long since I had seen a woman who looked even as half as good as she did, let alone made love to one, so I stayed exactly where I was. My cock was beginning to ache, but I just stood there and stared at the vision before me. After watching for a few more minutes, my cock throbbing like never before, I wrapped my fingers around my hard shaft and began to stroke myself slowly.

J S Morbius