Sunday, 4 September 2011

Sex and the Single Male pt 5

Sex and the Single Male pt 5


As good as the toys I have looked at so far in this series are there is nothing a heterosexual male likes more than to slide his thick, hard shaft into the tight, wet opening of a woman’s pussy. Until now the only toys I have covered have been solely for masturbation or anal play and prostrate massage, so today I thought I would look at realistic vaginas.

With such a variation of different types on the market I only have space for a couple but these are the ones that I would think to be the most popular. More and more adult stars are lending their body parts to the creation of sex toys and the first realistic vagina featured is accurately modelled on Jenna Jameson, the undisputed world superstar of sex.

Moulded directly from the undisputed world superstar of sex and made with the most advanced virtual skin available.
Small, discreet and easy to use on the go, put a goddess in your pocket and a smile on your face!
Gently studded inner sleeve. This is an open sleeve making it very easy to clean.
Contains Doc Johnson's fantastic Sil-A-Gel, a formula material that's latex-free, odourless, anti-bacterial and non-toxic.
How it measures up
·         Colour: Flesh
·         Opening style: Vagina
·         Canal diameter: 0.3 inches
·         Internal length: 7.5 inches
·         Modelled on: Jenna Jameson
How it feels
·         Material: Realistic Feel (UR3)
·         Does not contain latex
·         Does not contain phthalates
·         Waterproof? Submersible

The second toy takes the idea of a realistic pussy that one step further and also includes an anal opening as well and is modelled on Penthouse Pet Heather Vandeven and also contains a multi-speed vibrating love bullet.

Made of CyberSkin Virtual Touch material, this exact replica of Heather Vandeven's ass and pussy is unbelievably lifelike! Combine the textured holes with the multispeed vibrating love bullet and it's be enough to push any man over the edge...
Experience the soft realistic vaginal folds and the tight anal opening of Penthouse Pet Heather Vandeven.
With two tight holes for snug satisfaction, you're spoilt for choice!
Insert the multispeed vibrating bullet into the open end and experience out-of-this-world sensations or use it independently to tease the testicles, nipples or perineum.
Heat to body temperature in warm water for an even more realistic feel!
Easy to clean with just warm water.
Comes with free CyberSkin renew powder.
How it measures up
·         Colour: Flesh
·         Opening style: Vagina & Ass
·         Canal diameter: 0.25 inches
·         Internal length: 6 inches
How it feels
·         Texture: Textured
·         Material: Realistic Feel (Cyberskin)
·         Does not contain latex
·         Does not contain phthalates
·         Waterproof? Splashproof
Power and speed
·         Controller: Wired
·         Vibration: Multiple speeds
·         Power: Batteries (not included)
·         Requires: 2 x AA



An Open Book said...

Very interesting post Julez- as a toy reviewer I've often wondered how men are satisfied with their 'toys' and as for a realistic vagina- not many to choose from I believe- Many men may feel their "hand" is better for effect and not want to waste time/money on a toy but variety and change are good
Dawne P

Rawiya said...

Great post!

I think its awesome you're doing this!


gemma parkes said...

My favourite porn star is Jessica Drake, l don't see her mouldings for sale! If l was a man l think l would like to try these!interesting post Jules!